Baja truck driving in first person

Dirt 2 style


Watch in HD if possible

I dont get it

Pretty awesome intense driving skills.

Bajarama is such an awesome map for driving around. Brings me back to the days when I used to watch Motocross races on ESPN.

Thanks :smiley:

You don’t understand? Can’t help you with that buddy :expressionless:

What is it that you don’t get about driving around a map with awesome skills?

i’m failing to see the awesome skills…

How would you know, you’ve never driven the truck! I find it funny how you can’t say anything nice.

nice driving skills, alot better than what i can do

this is not a truck. it is a video game.

It is a truck in a videogame. What are you trying to achieve by complaining? Get a life.


I am curious how did you make the vehicle drift like that

It’s gmod…

tire traction sucks

Don’t worry about this guy he spends all his time posing ragdolls and probably has never built anything worth mentioning.

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Actually with Lua wheel tire traction is perfect.

um actually one time i built a dick cannon thank you

Like I said, ‘worth mentioning’.

so are you builders all autistic or do you just fail to spot really painfully obvious sarcasm?

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Because sarcasm is easy to pick up over the internet.

You came off as a dick, so I assumed you are one.

sorry but sarcasm that blunt is incredibly easy to pick up on. do i really need to put an emoticon to make sure i properly imply that i don’t really believe a penis cannon to be a worthy creaton? please.

and you assumed correctly

regardless, your argument of ignoring me because i pose ragdolls is void from the beginning:

  1. i haven’t posed ragdolls for months, i don’t even have gmod installed
  2. irrespective of whether i pose or not, you are in no position to disregard one art form as any less important than another*

*before you remark that i am hypocritical because i’ve already done that myself, i did not. i fail to see the “awesome skills” because i am ignorant of the work gone in here. i’m sure it’s incredibly difficult to make a truck on gmod and then drive it around a map if you say it is but personally i don’t get what the fuss is. but then, i’d rather boot up DiRT3 and play it with a steering wheel and sequential gear box than drive around an ugly gmod map in an ugly car, whether it took hours of maths and science to build or not