Baked Roleplay - Official Gamemode Info (Need Lua Programmers)

Hey Guys, Sorry about all the posts… but meh…
This Is gonna be a big project and We need some Very, Very Good lua programmers.
Im not gonna say too much about it because There isent much to say.
There is This That does some explaining though.
That right there ^^^ is a 28 Page PDF about the gamemode.
It Has not been completed nor has it been proof read. I expect the official Documents to be released next week.

You Can find More Information About this Gamemode At
It’s Currently Down At The Moment But Hang in There.
Please take note that all hosting is taken care of, radios, website ect.

If You Have Any Suggestions, Comments problems or if you simply want to be a part of this project please send to these following locations:

Public Email:
To Submit a form to apply for position in the team:
If you want to add me on steam please talk to me thorugh

Then again you can throw a few posts down here.

We currently have mappers, Modelers, GPX designers and Lua programmers But We do need more. So please dont hesitate to ask questions

With Not much Else to say,
Randomman XD
(Nick Haslam)

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Probably should of proof read that one though haha

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Oh one last thing People Are gonna ask this anyway:
It is not like other gamemodes it is aimed to be more serious and Realistic
And if you read the whole 28 pages im sure you would understand :smiley:

Looks well-thought out and in depth. Good luck with it.

Yeah, you definitely should have proofread that document. I’m assuming english isn’t your first language, but still, the spelling errors are everywhere. Also, if you have a team already, at least post who is on it and what role they play.

Yes sorry, English is my first language I tend to get lazy when writing large documents, as i said there was no point as they were not The final Plans.
As Far as the team goes I need to confirm that they are still working with us since we had a few weaks break

Haha typical Facepunch disagree trolls XD

Right, an uncompleted and non-proof read 28 page PDF document. No-one in their right mind is going to read that just to know about your gamemode idea.
Also, how the hell can you say that there isn’t much to say about the gamemode, then give us a 28 page PDF? That makes no sense, that just means that there is too much to say about it.

I don’t think you’re gonna get very far with a dumb stoner who can’t even spell in his native language as a project leader.
But good luck anyway.

This your third thread about this gamemode, and the other 2 threads failed hard. and what exactly would these “Very, Very Good lua programmers” get? admin on a crappy server, and their name in the credits of YOUR gamemode?

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at least you bought a Domain for your Website. If you would get far with your gamemode, then I could help you code a website with a forum for your gamemode.

This is why i hate facepunch, too many judgemental bastards. Ive got 3 programmers that im paying now, and as i have said for the 50th time THERE IS NO POINT in proof reading it because its Not the proper documents, and they are not just ideas. It is whats allready being done, i just cant program the damn thing by myself.

If you are going to get all those ideas through, and fully coded, not a single derp will join, mostly because probably no server could handle all those models and shit, and because noone will download shittons of stuff to join this. No, just no…

Just sayin’

Section 31: The Team
N/A we have some people but not enough.

So… Noone?

roleplay lol

I don’t think marijuana has ever been implemented in any game and given it a good rep. Stop OP, please.


This guy put some effort in that document, that doesn’t mean that this thing can get to somewhere though, I still expect this to fail hard.


I read 'Till Section 16.This is Waaay To much Content,There is no way this would fit into 600mb…