Baked RP - Need Lua Coders

Hey Guys Whats up Thought Facepunch might be the way to go for this.
Me and my group have decided to start up a new Roleplay gamemode For garrysmod.
We /have had some sick ideas in stock and we have just started making it.
We Are currently Looking For Very experienced Lua Programmers To help us out.
We Currently Have A modeler, 2 GPX designers and a Very good mapper.
Everything seems to be under control and we Could use any help we can get, I aint going to go into to much detail but this is what he have had in mind:
This gamemode will use The source engine to its full use as it seems to be a big project. It will be one of the serious type Roleplaying gamemodes and may come to be one of the best. Think Of it this way, It has GTA/Saints Row 2 Style Art and Maps Along with some other Funky stuff. It will work in a similar way to PERP. It will Have Drivable vehicles, Basic jobs, police, Fire fighters, Paramedics, Swat and swat helicopters but unlike perp this gamemode will be gang based. Gang vs Gand vs The government…
I aint going to go into much more detail all though i would like to mention that it will have some pretty good content included.
So anywho if you are interested in helping out, we are still planning things out but we do need very good lua programmers
So if your interested please give me a yell

Let me guess:

its DarkRP but better?

No its Perp but better XD

One thing if you adjust perp it will never be better.

K Deleting this thread… Somehow facepunch is scaring-ly differnt