Balaclava should hide your name in-game and in deathscreen

This way people can’t know that you killed them but if you kill a guy with Balaclava and take out his mask, the name should appear. Wouldn’t it be great ?

I think it would be great and this thing would really promote sneaky plays and lone players :
basically on any server if you are lone and kill a guy from a team of 10 guys, you can be sure that if they know where you live, you’ll get raided real soon.

With this mask, you would be able to kill them sometime. It still has cons :
-you can get oneshot in the head by any guns as it is only cloth so metal facemask is better for wars etc…

But the metal facemask does also cover your whole face just like coffee can helmet and burlap headwrap.

It’s an interesting idea but I disagree with it completely hiding your identity because that opens up a lot of opportunities for abuse and griefing effectively anonymously unless an admin catches you.

However, if the nameplate visibility distance was increased but someone in a balaclava is only identifiable like ten feet away, I’d be down with that, and have similar distance rules (adjusted appropriately) apply for learning your killer’s identity. This encourages stealth while not being too abusable.

I would actually prefer more ways to kill anonymously.

Like, there are so many big clans on my server that I’m afraid to kill anyone at the minute because they will just see my name, then when I log in the next day the base I spent 3 days building will be gone. This already happened once where I defended myself from two geared players, then they rocked up to my half built house with 12 C4 and blew it open + filled it with half blocks.

As I see it if they could only identify you by getting close or killing you, it would mean that people could chip players in large powerful clans down without getting annihilated instantly.

Like what? I thought abuse and griefing was part of Rust? What sort of griefing you’re talking about that requires a name to be seen?

I think this is the main issue of the game right now. Playing alone is not fun because if a member of a big team got killed, they’ll remember and when they’ll find where your base it, they’ll raid it just because of that.
With the balaclava, you can kill someone without him knowing that you did unless you get killed afterwards and they take out your balaclava on your body

I would love if they would disable the death by notification.

Maybe its temporary to lower kos a bit untill they come up with some features that encourages social interaction.

well they can add things like some kind of flags that you can wave and each of them has a meaning :
white for friendly
black meaning get out of there or we’ll shoot you etc…

UhOh I see this leading to a discussion about racism.

A good strategy to adopt if you’re a solo/small group, is to make your primary base as hidden and tucked away from highly traveled areas as possible, and have a secondary base nearby wherever you’re farming. So that way you can travel from your main base to your secondary that’s sitting outside the radtown and get some fighting in. If you piss off the wrong people or you notice someone is scouting your base, wait for an opportune time to grab your loot out of the secondary base and bring it back to your primary. They’ll raid your small base and waste their time on junk, while you get to keep fighting them later on with a newly built small base.

Was more thinking about pirates flag and stuff, white is well known as surrender and black for hostility

As someone who doesn’t just KoS people for absolutely no reason, I enjoy knowing who ganked me…so I can hunt them down and make their lives a living hell :slight_smile:

If you don’t want people to completely hate you for blasting them without reason…then don’t do it :wink:

You raise a good point I had not considered.

One possible alternative is including a button someone could press to flag the person they are looking at, which would inform an admin that “[name] with ID [SteamID] has been flagged by [name] with ID [SteamID],” followed by a description of the hacker’s violations (This would be filled out by the person reporting the griefer, and it would include a cancel button if the report key was pressed by mistake). This way you can report someone without ever knowing their name.

I know there are flaws in this logic. It would be difficult to press the button while looking at a hacker, especially if they are speed/jump hacking, etc.

If someone wants build off of this, please do.