balance the gameplay, raid, rocket, building ecc.

Beautiful this new version of the game, but needs serious about balancing.

You spend hours in the game, to build a “base” safe, but despite these efforts with a few dozen rocket, and after a few hours of game you wake up and can not find anything.

This leads to abandonment of the game.

Council to restore the gameplay of the old version of rust:

  • Remove the ladders, or restrict them to the rocks;
  • Eliminate blocks (cubes) building;

or at least reduce the damage of rocket / c4 and / or increase the time and cost of crafting.

Also propose to limit the height of buildings, depending on the material used: wood 2 floors, 4 stone, metal over 4 floors.

Really that way is unplayable.

Who agrees with me?

(sorry for my English)

I like the idea of limiting building load on the different foundations/columns and walls.

i.e sheet metal all the way max 3 floors, wood all the way 4 floors, stone all the way 5 floors, metal all the way 6 floors max. Not sure how you would handle mixed building material designs or part builds etc.

No columns means min stability, different amounts/material type columns increases this stability, but not the max floors count.

Theres some work there in making that all balance reasonably, but i’m all for smaller bases in RUST.

45 Mins to create something that does 300 Damage without splash you will need atleast two of them. to get one wall down. So let me Calculate i farmed 3 Hours constantly since they nerfed the nodes. got like 6k Sulfur which equals like 5 c4 and or 7 rockets. Now i have to burn them another hour passes if i have a decent amount of Furnaces. So all in all like 5 Hours to hope that you have something in youre stupid cube base. and you wanna reduce the damage? its already taking ages to get into c4 Phase and you wanna nerf it more?

Your calculations are more or less accurate… So please tell me how it’s possible that we got raided (twice) using not less than 40 c4 to gain something like 6 ak and some gun powder…
Nothing can repay you from 40 C4…

There’s something I can’t get about it… When we raid we calculate what we’re going to earn and what we are spending. Some people either don’t think or they have thousands of c4 to waste!

Were a group of 10 Players before they nerfed the Nodes we made 80-100 C4 in the week but we all im mean ALL farmed the hole week not running around shooting people we farmed the shit together. Its Possible to gather a Huge amount of c4 its like you want them badly but no one wants to play like that. since they nerfed node you would have to farm x2 as much to get the same amount so 40c4 is reasonable if a big clan like we were raided you.

Sorry for my Protato Englese :stuck_out_tongue:

no way they are going to go backwards to legacy ladders and cubes are here to stay. if you don’t want people to ladder or climb up your base. take a few measures.

build over hangs or multiple tool cabinets around your base in small attractive false bases. why attractive to keep small raids from raiding your main base.

rockets and c4 damage are in line with each other. c4 is a tactical tool with no splash damage on surrounding walls. while rockets are meant to raid large bases such as in clan wars.

its not the fault of the dev team when someone uses their tools improperly. reducing damage would only hinder the process of a clan war.

Raiding is as nerfed as it’s ever been. Except for the era when we had that weird “walls instantly heal” glitch going on, I can’t remember any point in Rust’s history when raiding has been more challenging. It takes a LOT more C4 to get into a building, since there’s no longer any splash damage. Now more than ever, raiders have to consider how many resources they’re going to spend to get in, and whether or not they’ll gain those resources back in loot.

Rockets are powerful, but have the tradoff that they give away the shooter’s position.

As for limiting build height, I think structural integrity will play a bigger role in the future. Today it’s a work in progress at best.

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You answered your own question:

There are players who will waste 40 C4 to gain an AK. These players are idiots. Considering the sheer quantity of resources they had to spend to get that gun, it’s more like YOU raided THEM: just pretend that you raided their base and scored tens of thousands of explosives, refined sulfur, etc.

There are players who will waste 40 C4 to gain an AK. These players are idiots. Considering the sheer quantity of resources they had to spend to get that gun, it’s more like YOU raided THEM: just pretend that you raided their base and scored tens of thousands of explosives, refined sulfur, etc.

That sounds an awful lot like a raid i made last night… 6 rockets and 4 c4, for just barely a return in sulfur… and a pistol bullet bp. We then spent the night with pick axes trying to find the cupboard and killing the home owner as he ran back from spawn.

Well, at least you had fun! Sometimes the firefight is more fun than the raid anyway.

I see it like this:

  1. Rust (now) is purely a raiding game. There is nothing else to do but to raid or get bored.
  2. Solo players cannot match groups in terms of farming and raiding capabilities.
  3. Solo player cannot match solo players who have a head start in blueprints and resources.

Rust is a group raiding game as it is now. There is no in game “join a team” or “team battle” functionality.

If you don’t want to be raided, go play solo minecraft or counterstrike.

Raiding is still a net loss of time and resources… by far. Except if you get lucky. A well built base takes alot of C4 and rockets to take down.

Rust is a great game, and the only big hinderance right now is the entity count. 1 week wipes are tough to get much going. 2 days to build a base. 2-3 days to farm, and everybody raids on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for the Thursday wipe. If a server could last a month with 200-250 slots, that would be very interesting.

I would also like to see some high value airdrops to get some good PvP going. The landscape is getting more exciting as well and adding some battlefields would increase the Pvp experience.

We spent a lot more than 5 hours creating a multi layered base with armor in the core, only to be completely sliced through with rockets in under a minute.

yeah the point is they fucked you in a minute but farmed ages for that 1 funny minute

resources and resource management have issues if you ask me. solo players have less of a chance in the long term. you have to group now.