Balance the Rocket Zerg

Has I am sure most people are familiar with Phaedo82’s videos based off the Rustopia US Server, the common thing that we’ve seen is the “rocket zerg”. What raiders normally do now, is craft about 40-60 rockets and either attempt to level the base completely, or destroy enough of it to loot the items. There is no real fight out of this. Just empty your rockets into the building and whatever is left, you loot. There use to be actual fights when a base was raided. C4 being strategically placed as to maximize the effectiveness of retrieving the loot. Raids could last anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size and amount of resources brought. It was fun. With the rocket zerg, the raid only last about 5-10 minutes, maybe 20 at most. Its so boring. So lack luster.

My proposal for balancing this issue. For rockets, these are hand made rockets mind you, out of hand made rocket launchers. The accuracy of these weapons should not be this accurate. They should be flying all over the place, not just in a ark. I also think, that if you can hit the rocket with a bullet, there should be a CHANCE of the rocket exploding when the bullet connects.

Next, redefine C4. Make it to where C4 on a door does a significant amount of damage on the door its placed and a little bit of damage for splash. However create a new item, a satchel charge, which does the amount of damage that the C4 use to do (maybe with a little more kick) but make the resources to create the satchel more expensive, (maybe 75 explosives?).

Knowing that I play on rustopia, I do have a sizeable group. We are about 20-25 strong. Of course that is an average number for a group to play on rustopia. There are a lot of groups on the server and the rocket zerg literally kills the fun that we could be having if raiding with C4.

Please help us out!!!