Balancing Gcombat: Tank rules

Few dudes and I came up with some rules to make fighting vehicles fair and fun.

I don’t agree with the current test of rules, but we can see how they go. the trick to armoring for this is layering armor, but don’t just make a box with a hundred redundant armor plates all over it. We will be using a fake ammo supply with varying sizes for different weapons. Basically, when the ammo prop is shot, it will set off a 150mm firing into the ground. This will make combat more like ACF, and more satisfying instead of just blowing the props off of eachother until someone is dead. That’s boring.

Gcombat max armor weight is 1000. Use total mass stool to evaluate your vehicle’s total weight.

Rules: ( 1 ton = 1000 weight)
230mm tank:
60 tons, 150 props
120mm tank:
30 tons , 150 props max

75mm tank:
15 tons, 150 props

30mm tank:
10 tons, 150 props

40mm tank:
12 tons, 150 props

37mm tank:
5 tons, 150 props

that should about cover the main weapons for tanks. Don’t use the 50 cal and Mg42 on tanks, I have to fix it.

If you’ve got ideas, post away. We still need an expression to set off the ammo. ** Weights are subject to change, these weights/prop amounts haven’t really been tested.**

Ammo crates for tanks are done.

nice avatar bro

and thanks, now we can have realistic tank battles

Not sure whether this is a dumb question or not but i don’t understand so i’ll ask. What do you mean when you say this:

I don’t understand at all?

It means that when the armor depository is hit it explodes. It’s realistic and all.

Can’t disagree on the rules so far, mate.

total weight ensures that you distribute armor realistically so you don’t have an invincible tank.
a prop amount cap ensures that you don’t use a billion redundant props, which would make your tank invincible.
an ammo storage ensures that you have something to protect on your vehicle instead of having to just blow all of the props off of eachother.

Looks nice but what about the ~75 ton German Elephant? There should be real tank exceptions, like how It could be raped by a Molotov cocktail even though all the armor slapped on the front.
150 props is fine
I would keep my thoughts to myself if I could play online… but I can’t. So- Can’t a dude just get a 230 mm ammo thing, put a 5 layer box around it (25 plates on top and sides, 3 on bottom for 28 props), put tank treads (2 wheels with 4 nocollided plates axised between on each side <wheels nocollided with everything>)
Then cover those with 2 layers on top, one side and front/back -56 entities-
and add a big gun… which is covered with plates… and add a seat there with those front plates transparent?

Also is there a speed limit? Because my tracks go insanely fast and has a little gun on top. Little tweaking and tank killer. Gmod isn’t realistic so it’s practically impossible to limit how well each tank is.

You could simply rank each tank people make, through a course I suggest =o Then duke out the evenly judged armor

it’s up to people to be honorable and make realistic tanks. This is just all for fun, not competition.

After driving Satyria’s tank the other day and geting my butt kicked i set out to make a tank or two of my own. Honestly my first thought was to layer armor to protect vital wire components, but after reading this post i have scraped my tank. Im going to start a new tank today with a single layer of armor and no internal protection for me or the internal workings.

Winning is fun but not at the cost of others thinking you are a cheater. I prefer to win by using skill.

Every time I try to build a tank it ends up shooting over 200 props.


rules? Lold.

Question: Does this apply for spacetanks? or hovertanks? or underwater tanks?

Forget what I said before, it was boring. Foxton’s right rules suck

It’s a question of definition. I just nullified all of the arguments ever to be said about this thread.

Is there a forum for gcx/gcombat that gives all the details or where you can ask questions and stuff?

Why can’t we just get acf?

It’s so much better.

This. Where is ACF anyway?

ACF is only for members of SA, which you have to pay $10 to get into their club. Which you don’t want to do because that is $10 to goonswarm.

So you’re telling me that noone from SA has taken the ACF files and uploaded them to somewhere else yet?

And why dont we see it on any servers?