Balancing Rad Towns, Air Drops, and barrels

Ok so through playing on private and official servers it’s quite apparent that there can be a huge shift on balance when people lock up rad towns. Not to mention that recently it seems as though the drop rates no longer favor Rad towns, from what I have seen since last patch the drops seem to come equally as rare no matter it be barrel or Rad town.

With that said I feel greater risk greater reward factor should be in the game. Radiation areas should hold a greater chance of better loot and also no chance of junk loot like blood (which should drop from animals and humans) or bone fragments. Metal fragments, or a furnace maybe some low grade fuel. On servers that have no admins or active admins the Rad Towns can be completely enclosed. This is a problem. Once a group holds a Rad Town with walls it monopolizes content. Please fix this with say roads leading into the towns, or rolling rad zones that barrels have a greater chance of spawning in and having better drops.

Air drops should be more frequent and also not contain those trash drops like we see so often in air drops and rad towns. Take a page from legacy maybe give us a lot of building supplies or cloth. Hell make it so that Armored upgrade is only attainable through a BP that has a great chance of coming from air drops and not as great from Rad Towns and barrels. This will make going for that air drop just as important as hitting Rad Towns. It will also make it a bit more viable for new comers to raid people who have built up large but may not have scored that upgrade BP.

yeah i also got the feeling that radtown dont give much higher loot than barrels, at least compared to a few weeks ago. radtown does give better loot, if you loot radtown 5 times, you might get 1 good blueprint and at least 2 or 3 guns. if you spend the same time (5min every hour or so) looting regular barrels, you wont get much.

I think that they raised the barrel loot spawn. i found 2 AK blueprint, 1 C4 blueprint, and armor and facemask in barrels over 2 weeks. so pretty much reached end game in two weeks, without having acces to radtown because of the walls surrounding them.

I agree that armor upgrade should come from blueprint. now its too easy to make a house with multiple layers of armored.