Balisong Knife

If anyone here is able to, can you port the Spy Butterfly Knife from TF2 into Garry’s Mod? I don’t have TF2 installed, so I would like it if whoever DOES port this use a different skin or a custom one that does not require TF2. Thanks in advance to the person who does. :3:

It’ll replace the knife so if you want I can hex it

Thanks alot, but what do you mean by replace the knife?

It will replace the CS:S Knife model unless some one hexxed it

Sure. Also, if you could, please make it have a chromish look like a Benchmade Model 42. Thanks for the initial stuff too.
There it should replace the TF2 knife now. It won’t have all the same animations though so it may go kinda spastic at times if you’re on a server

If you ever get tf2 itself.