Ball Swep

waits for snickering to die down

I’ll try to explain the concept as simply as possible.

The swep would be a simple ball (rugby, kickball, doesn’t really matter) that when “fired” throws the swep in an arced pass. Mouse 1 would be a short toss (like 20, 30 ft) while Mouse 2 would be a long pass (100+ ft). Once thrown the swep can be picked up by normal means (walking over the swep or being in its path as it’s thrown) letting the ball be grabbed, snatched, caught, intercepted - or whatever other verbs you can come up with - by any other player, allowing serverwide fun from Keep-Away to Football.

I don’t know much about coding but this doesn’t sound like something that would be hard to make. I’m actually surprised there isn’t something like this already (I seem to recall there being a project similar to this like a year ago but it died). Not a lot of fancy effects or coding, just a lot of simple fun.

That sounds pretty cool.

I figure it’s a fun concept with a lot of possibilities that wouldn’t require a lot of heavy lua coding… but I guess people disagree.

Might also want to add a way for people to see who’s actually got the ball, aka have the person be holding it (if just an hoverball, or whatever), the gravgun idle animation would be the most fitting

Ill do it, startin now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah a world model animation would be a nice touch.

Here you go - let me know if this isn’t what you wanted ( Sorry awatemonosan, it’s been 9 hours ).


Uses the hoverball model.

This is total win, is it possible for it to have some sort of timer or undo?

Added, redownload from the link. Removes itself after one minute if it hasn’t been picked up ( after being thrown ).

SO much win.

Forgot to add throw animation :v:. Updated.

Its fine. I dont have as much time to play with garrysmod as i used to, i need to stop taking requests :stuck_out_tongue:

Working on a V_model

Kogitsune, would you add it to swep?


Done, the code will need some tweaking, because it comes with picking up animations. And charging up, and throwing.

Credit to dav0r and the Dodgeball Source mod creators.

Also, phonged.

Very nice!

It’s Kogitsune :v:. But, I’ll do it either later today or tomorrow. Thanks for the view model :buddy:.

So, Kogitsune, when are you gonna do eet?