Ballast Tanks

Hey, I’ve been trying to think of ways to make a submarine for gmod, without having to use hoverballs, and I thought, what about ballast tanks?
I looked on gmod, and found nothing.
Not only would this allow you to make nicer working subs, but you could eventually make a full size submarine, and have multiple people in one, and have an underwater duel using gcombat, and weapon seats.

I’m sure it ain’t hard to do, it’s really just the buoyancy tool, but it makes whatever prop you want it to be, be able to raise or lower in it’s buoyancy. Also, this would allow you to surface the water a little more dramatically by coming up front first. :smiley:
If anyone makes this, I’ll love you forever. (not homo though)

Uhh make your submarine floating first, then use a wiremod weight thats value you can change higher to make it sink.

oh shit… I never knew that was there. lol!