Ballermine Launcher SWEP

Attempt to create a polished SWEP addon for the Garry’s Mod Beta Workshop. Check it out here: (as always, you must be a logged in Beta participant or you get a missing item page)

Launches red and black spherical mines that I called “Ballermines”. There are three fire modes: regular (they bounce, they explode), guided (they follow a laser from your gun), and sticky (they stick to objects). Pressing (and holding) primary attack shoots Ballermines. When primary is pressed and there are already Ballermines that belong to you, they will detonate. Secondary attack changes the fire mode.

Warning: Ballermines instantly explode if they hit a player or an NPC. Reloading will also instantly explode all of your mines.

Purpose of the thread
I need some pointers.

  1. Do I still need resource.AddFile(), or does GMod 13 eliminate that? I have custom content with the following extensions: vmt, vtf, wav, mdl, vvd, dx*.vvd, phy

I may post more questions. Some help would be appreciated. Hope you all enjoy this SWEP.

Yes you still need to use resource.AddFile.

The biggest changes are outlined here (more noticeably under the Useful Links part)

Also, these questions are probably better suited for the Lua forum, not in the Workshop forum.

Thank you. I will keep updating once I’m back from the Dominican.