ballistic cannon help

i want a make a cannon that shots up then it lands on the target from above. anyone have an easy tut to do this.

thanks but when i said easy i didnt mean rocket science!

Its pretty basic stuff, not to mention its the only way to do it.

I looked at that and was like “lol no” and then looked closer and was like “oh wow I actually know this lol” anyways for OP look closely at this and you should be able to understand it if you’ve taken basic geomtry and algebra in high school.

ive got gcombat and that has somthing called ballistic computer will that help me?

this is how it works:
you put in the projectile speed and distance to target then it gives you an angle. i can do this what i dont know though is how to use that angle to make a ballistic cannon

Wish I could help ya.