I thought i might as well post some of my aviation creations from whitewater’s sandbox server. (
After getting a lot of positive response there. These planes are about 95% vanilla except when Phx could not be avoided. They all use fin. I made most solo, often using a sound effect expression 2 by whitewater.

They all fly very well. One (the Aleutia, pic one far left) is featured as a test platfrom for Blackfang500’s predator missile.( Hope you enjoy. They really need a vid, but fraps crashes garrysmod for me. D:

-anyway pix-



dowload and try them before you judge

They all look terribly average, to be honest.

Might want to work more on them in the looks department.

The pelican sailplane needed detailing and these vehicles look the same. Make a more detailed plane using over 15 props then parent it to a good flying base, spend more than an hour on it.

I honestly assumed this would be the first comment. Keep in mind i was in a server without parent, which makes true detail almost impossible. I would say the planes in the center of the bottom two pics look the best. All fly amazingly. Ill see if blackfang can make me a vid tomarrow.

How much time was spent was spread out over days. usually. They fly better than they look. They arent massively special i guess, but the flying is amazing. Watch the vid of the predator missile included on top. that shows the flying of the top left plane

Easy Precision has parent…


If you use tail and engines from other planes this one would be the best one.


Easy precision comes with phx3 so that server sux.

Looks kinda rebelish. They look like crap but i like it

I love them! I think they have a sort of… scrappy look that comes from unmaterialized vanilla. That is one of my favorite parts of vanilla building.

+1 agree

The server owner removed parent because of an appearently fixed exploit where a child prop is parented to something else (or was it another child prop)

You may want to try using PHX to make them not all look like piles of shit.

Phx looks like shit, and there is no challange in building with it.

There’s plenty of challenge building with PHX, and it can look good if you use it correctly. Also i’m pretty sure predator missiles aren’t shot straight down like that.

that isnt my missile. It is Blackfang500’s. it was fitted to my plane for testing

They look very gmod9ish… I don’t know. Ohwait, yeah I do.

Phx doesn’t look like shit, only when certain people use it cough zeos cough, but that’s only because he likes LEGO too much and keeps the default textures and makes everything with a scale of 20002002034920493409930993509350385836046838060569596695 x The real life.

Here’s some phx for you

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Great job mannen.

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LoL :v: