Hey all!

We are a small group of Players, who like to play online ( who doesnt? ). since we started playing rust, we are adicted to it XD
After around (already) 100h of playing this Game, we decided to get our own server!

We do speak english/german and something there is not a word for yet XD (maybe retardish).

Some of us are streaming time by time or all the time :P.

We would like to see YOU on our server :slight_smile:

Currently the Server has 0-5 Players.
At its current pop. u can easily loot/craft and build ur defense lines.

We provide u with tons of airdrops, instacraft and sleepers.

There is almost 24/7 an admin on the server.

If u want to join us:
Server-Browser -> Modded -> BambisWelcome|Instacraft|Cars


We also provide u a Teamspeak:

I hope to see you on the server <3

Best Regrads,

[editline]20th December 2013[/editline]

Server just got restarted.
Reason: We had problems with the Gameserver interface on the website -.-

Dont be scared, we didnt wiped ur stuff :stuck_out_tongue: