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[BS] Bam’s Servers

Bam’s Servers is a group of 6 servers.

We started out on the 26th May 2008, with just one 8 slot Build server based in the UK. Over the past year, we now have multiple servers based worldwide. These consist of:

>Resident Evil
>DarkRP (Customised)
… and a “Test Server” (Gamemode currently in development)

Our aim is to provide servers for people to play the way these gamemodes were created for. We are not strict, but will deal with any player that does not obide our few simple rules accordingly.


Build <Sandbox> -

I think it’s pretty safe to say we have everything you would need to successfully build what you want. It’s a 12 slot server, with many friendly players, and administrators (or as we call them, Operators). To gain a promotion to “Member” rank, you are required to be active on the communities forum… once you reach Member class on the forum, you will be promoted in game. Advantages of gaining membership is you will gain access to extra tools, this doesn’t mean to say that Guests are restricted to everything important.

Resident Evil -

New Gamemode from Noobulator.

Fretta -

The “new” style of Garry’s Mod. I’m sure you all know what it is by now. We keep this updated as much as possible (svn)

DarkRP -

This is the server we have been working on the most latley. DarkRP seems to have earn a reputation for been "a horrible gamemade, full of minges and havoc. Well we want to change this prespective of the gamemode.

We’ve created numerous custom jobs, such as Barman (sells alcohol), Drug Dealer (sells drugs, obviously), Bandits (rivals to the Mob) and more. We also have our own unique Inventory System (created by one of our lua coders) with a “Garage” slot to save the cars you’ve worked hard to be able to afford.

I am also pleased to say that we now host Evocity2.

For more information, please feel free to visit:

Thanks for reading.

Well. I’m in this Clan [BS] Sgt.Tivo
And i must say, its fucking good!

Bam got the BEST servers!
RP = Exelent
Build = it’s where i build my cars

If you join the server, you don’t get that “GTFO”
You get help with everything you need

Love you Bam =3

I’m Longino, one of the Operators on the Build server; I’ve been around for quite some time and I can assure you that the community is friendly and available to help.
We’re always ready to solve any kind of problems with good manners rather than just banning and kicking the whole time.
Meet you on our servers.

sounds cool. I may have to join it one day

I’m gonna come on the DarkRP server and have a look, I have a high ping with that server for some reason

This Server is GODDAMN AWSOME!!! All of it has been made to last Woot For Bam and Slices of pie!

im one of the many members of bams server and i have to say it is the best comunity there is
before i joined bams server it was hard to find any servers that i wouldnt lag much on.

Thank you Bam :3

I maked teh map “bs_trackbuild” :q:.

I thought you was going to finish it with more areas?

hmmm I am interest do you mind posting the ip for each of the types? also sadly I do not know what fretta is.

I just joined this community a few days ago lawl

Added the IP addresses.

Fretta - its basically multiple unique gamemodes, where all players vote for the next gamemode at the end of each game. ( )

Fretta is Garrys gamemode base that is still in development. It works fully, but there are things being added and taken away as he and the other coders for it try and perfect it.

Basically, it makes gamemode creation as simple as changing some variables and adding a line or two so that weapons work. There are quite a few unique modes for it already, and it is constantly being updated, so there is always something new being added. It’s worth a try at least, I found it enjoyable for a bit. Breaks up the mundane modes you normally see in GMod.

These are some of the best gamemodes in my opinion. I may check these servers out sometime.

I’m Blizzard from Bam’s Server, I’m Wire Pro there. I play there since November 2008. It’s one of the best server I ever played on. I’m playing almost the whole time there. Wire gets updated quite often, everytime when there are major changes. If you need any help, the people on Bam’s Server are really willing to help.

I’m Shadow Wolf from Bam’s Server, I’m in the the group. (I hope to become a member) Bams server’s are the most awesomeest servers ever, Hardly any noobs helpful members etc.

I wish all the best for Bams Servers

yes i joined your rp server and when i looked at the jobs some of the people were errors which mean i do not have them can you post a link to the character model pack for the rp server?

Sure =] As the first line says on the MOTD, you need the RP package. Visit the BS website and click the DarkRP tab.

I may well join this and see how shitty it is on the new-server-visit-shitometer.

all it needs now is an aussie server :banjo: