ban appeal!!!!! {admin attention please immediately}

loged in nothing new3 when to join server, - banned… done nothing, no hacks, no alterations, this is just rediclious and almost invasive beyond human right… either way i want this mistake removed or i want my money back.

i am a gamer since 2000 paying my way through many games , vip statuses, loyalty programs, so i dont know where your anti cheat machines get it in there head i was cheating when i didnt even get into a server to play and had been hours since i last played…

again sort this out or i will never be spending another penny on any of your releases and face punch related games, this will be geting some bad publicity on my part (by the sounds of it you have enough unjust and mistaken verdicts going on atm) along with steam getting some frowny faces from me also
but no where near as appalling as this. ive been with them since day one no problems, been on your game about a mont hand some how im a cheater. lol fuck off absolute crock of shit… its called 20 years of owning noobs makes you the man. but your loss if this doesnt get resolved. many better more exciteing games on the way out with make this look like a kindergarten project. SORT IT OUT AND UN-BAN PLEASE

Steam ID corpsnz

MOD EDIT: Steam ids:

Thats a bit overdramatic isn’t it?

If it was a VAC ban then 99% of the case it was a valid ban and as far as my knowledge goes these bans can only be reversed by Valve

No idea… im only going to ask them this once because its all its worth… if they cant get to the bottom of it and see that what they have done was wrong then i have wasted money in the first place and wont make the mistake again. simple

You probably won’t find them all that helpful if you act as entitled as you are in that first post of yours. You also aren’t going to find any help at all without even linking your Steam account since they physically couldn’t do anything without that much.

What does it say, VAC Banned, EAC Banned or just banned, did you try any other servers? Maybe you weren’t behaving nicely and the Server Admin Banned you. Those Community and Modded servers aren’t managed by Facepunch.

just lgged in usual i was online with a buddy earlier no probems at all for few hours… jumped off played some bf4 took a break then came back to log back into rust to check if i have been raided and when i got back to pc was d/c from server and it was titles [Game Ban]

But did you try some other Servers? Community, Modded or Official? Like I said, it could be a Server bad for misbehaviour or simply because the Admin is an ass. But Facepunch usually only bans for hacking.

First of all please link your steam id otherwise nobody can do anything to help you.
Also this entire ban appeal is pretty much a copypasta of all the formulas i’ve ever seen before from every liar who’s come onto the forum, to dispute a legitimate EAC/Admin/Server ban. There’s the claiming you’ve paid thousands of dollars on other games, there’s the I want my money back part, there’s calling the game and the devs both crocks of shit and cheats, there’s saying there’s better games out there to play on (where one can cheat to one’s heart’s content, of course), there’s the part where ‘I wont spend any money on more games released by FP studios’, and that’s not even all the things I can pick out of your ban “appeal.”

Take a fool’s advice from me and if you want to try appealing a legitimate EAC or Admin ban, please don’t. You’re only going to make yourself look bad, and if you got banned from a server, find another server to play on because they dont want you there anymore.

Link your steam profile please

If you’re saying its a game ban then its EAC banning you.

You’ve either cheated or you’ve been hit by a false positive.

Dont bitch and wait for a EAC admin to reply.



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in all seriousness you’re either a hacker or you just happened to join a server with a ban-happy admin, in which case you should just try another server.

and still no steam id link.

I messaged him whilst he was on, and he didn’t bother replying…

looks like he’s just another hacker then

he’s 31 according to his profile. that suggests he has been “owning noobs” since he was 11. maybe we should just believe him? :smug:

whoever asks for his steam profile be aware that you are bein rediclious and almost invasive beyond human right

I honestly don’t see why. We’re asking so we can check what kind of ban he has. It’s not like we’re asking for his address.

it was a joke, those are his words

you mean the DEVS don’t know who this user is on their OWN forums for their OWN game?? jesus have some common sense in you!!! SORT IT OUT AND REALISE PLEASE


Keep your god damn pennies and frowny faces.

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Also, “you have enough unjust and mistaken verdicts”!?!?!
The hell does this even mean?