Ban appeal (Long time ago)

Hello fellow Rust players,

It’s been a really long time ago I got banned by VAC on the Rust Alpha when it launched (Not sure why, But after I got glitched in a wall in the alpha update I got banned so probably that’s why) but is it possible to get unbanned because after I got banned I didn’t feel like writing a ban appeal because it was still in Alpha and I still don’t know why I got banned and what happend, anyways my Steam name is CraftDirt so I’d like some more information about the ban and possibilities to get a unban from Rust so I can enjoy playing again.
Excuse me about the long post but I hope it’s worth writing this post.

Kind regards,

If it was a VAC ban you cannot get unbanned unless it was a false positive, Facepunch has no way of undoing them at all and you should contact Valve.

Valve do not release information regarding VAC bans and if it was a false positive you would have been unbanned by now.

Stay banned.

Sorry, but you most likely won’t get a VAC ban removed, especially here. Contact Valve for a ban appeal.

Step 1 - Hack
Step 2 - Get banned
Step 3 - Get salty

There are NO means of appeal with VAC. The software detected hacks and/or modifications to your game files, which is strictly forbidden. If it was a false positive, chances are you would have contacted them a loooong time ago. And got unbanned. But since this is not the case, the only way you can play Rust again is by creating a new Steam account and buying Rust again. Cheers.

Only valve can remove this ban. All of the other posts here have been about bans by EAC - which are different. So no one here can help with this ban. Facepunch and EAC can do nothing about a VAC ban.

I think the only way you can play Rust again is to buy a new copy and play it on a different Steam account.

That fake excuse is even older than your badge of shame.

This says “permanently” and means it. Get a new Steam account and a new copy of Rust.