Ban appeal?

I have owned Rust for about a week now and i am loving the game. I come home from work, try to play, and find that i was banned. I can honestly say that i have never cheated/hacked in any online multiplayer game. My question is: Is there a way to appeal a ban? and/or find out what i was banned for?

the only kind of programs i have running in background while im playing the game is Skype,steam, and pandora. i really love this game and would like to continue playing until release. if anyone could help me i would be greatly appreciative.


Question. Were you VAC banned?

If yes, you want to contact valve, but you had best have loads of proof ready for even a glimmer of a chance you might get unbanned.

If no, and it was a server ban, contact the server administration or just join another server.

Either way, no one on here can really help you specifically. Even the VAC bans are not the responsibility of the game developers.

Post your Steam profile, please?