Ban appeal


I have been vac banned and i need to say i was using a hack but it wasnt for bad use i used it in a server so i could see where things were.
my steamid = 76561198064078657
my steamid64 = 76561198064078657

i would really appreciate it if i could get unbanned and i would never cheat again

All bans are final, without exception. Thanks for being honest, though.

Play without cheats in the future.

just a quick question if i want to buy rust again do i have to do that on a other account?

Yes you do.

And the moral of the story: don’t use cheats and hacks for any purpose. Play the game as it was intended. You may get away with it for a while, but VAC or EAC will eventually catch on and you will be banned.

If it is a VAC ban, it only has to do with Steam:

Nothing to do with Rust’s makers FacePunch or the forums here. No one can do anything about a ban by Valve/Steam.

good news. anti cheat working on some players…

It works on all players. It just takes time.

It may be applied to work on all players, but it will only ban those who have known hacks. New hacks are constantly being brought out, and until EAC/VAC finds a fix/counter to that specific hack, it usually goes unnoticed (or at least unbanned until someone reports them to admin or something)

VAC bans are done in waves, if someone is using a bought cheat injector from a pay site its only a matter of time till they are banned

That isn’t exactly correct. Although VAC may scan for known signatures. EAC also blocks the methods cheat programs use.

Think of VAC as a Anti-Virus and EAC more as a Firewall.

With both systems working on identifying and banning cheaters, any increase in activity for any specific cheat, the more likely it will be caught.

false, modifying the assembly and bypassing eac to allow you past main menu/join server will not give you a ban, thats one way currently. it will be better when rust gets more to a final state and stops changing every week

Set = 1 to prevent this on your server.

i didnt mean running it without eac, the majority knows about that.

The anti-cheat is enforced by the server-side. Modifying client-side to start game without EAC will not let you play on the game server.

If you are modifying client binaries or starting game without EAC to join the game server, then the game server is simply not running EAC or is at old version.