Ban Appeal

i will not try to bullshit anyone about how my 7 y\o uncle try to get me banned from evrey thing on steam

i have spammed the message that i will help someone with everything and i will help them if they will give me a bed
i did that so i can join to someone team (or make a team) because every time for the least few months i tryed and faild after the first day

i am not really asking for a ban appeal or something i just want to know how much time it will take for the ban at all if it will

if the ban is not on time i really hope that after some time i can rejoin the rust server

and i know that if the ban will be appeald anytime i will never spam again or do anything stupid again or get banned trying (:

the server is amsterdam 3

my steam id STEAM_0:1:40458663

by the way sorry for bad english it is not my native language

There are a lots of other servers, but your ban may be lifted the game being a constantly changing one yet. Your real problem is your social skills.

You wont gain friends easily by just spamming in the chat. You have to be part of the community on a server, a guy, people may start a conversation with, or a guy, whom people can meet without being killed on sight.

haha well i will try and i didn’t tought voice chat exist until my friend told me it a week ago every person i saw just KOS me with a bow shotgun or just with spear non speak

well any way i am happy that the ban will be appeald because i made some enemys that i don’t want to dissipoint

I did not say it will surely be lifted, Im no admin. Xd

I would just switch to another server, why go back to the one, where they hate your guts?

because there is this russian guy that glitch in the map underground or build a base in the sky and somehow i destroy his base every time

my enemys are mostly glitchers (well the ones that remember my name anyway)

and i want to return to the same server because i got all the blueprints

Soo you wanna beat the shit out of em!! Give them black eyes!!

Has posting on this forum ever resulted in a ban reversal?

Nope. But I am surprised it hasn’t devolved into a witch hunt yet.

no, but typically they are appealing VAC bans by spinning tales about evil twin brothers and VAC triggering game glitches that affect no-one other than them.