Ban Appeal


Today 26.01.2016 morning 6:30- i played rust then i was fall in Sleep at my Computer and then i woke up at 14:45. And got a EAC BAN (Gameban)
For what?
at morning it was all ok, then woke up look at the monitor and thinking WTF?
Next when i was cheating what cheat? The Sleep cheat
I dont know why i get this ban and hope you can see that this was a mistake
and remove this ban.

The ban is permanent for a definite paid-cheat detection.

i dont have a cheat activated Oo
I was sleeping?
So i dont know how you will detect a cheat?

Yeah i cheated with a account over 1year ago then it was my fault
its ok but this time i dont cheated and dont have activated a cheat.
That makes me confus.

when i cheat its ok then its my own Fail
and i buy me the game new or not
but this time i dont cheated

so i presume you have a doctors note for your narcolepsy?

this kind of crap is exactly why nobody believes the 0.01% who genuinely experience a false ban; people try and tell EAC that “no, the detection must have been false because i was asleep at my computer for 8 hours in the middle of the day.

when i go to sleep at 6:30 morning this normal that a human sleep some hours?
And when i sleep its my thing :wink:
And when i thinking the ban is right because i cheated at this time or have activated a cheat
I buy me new Copy but it was no cheat activated or anything and i got a ban.

So its question how would EAC detect this when i dont use a cheat at rust.