Ban Appeal?

I was playing rust for the longest time and i took a break to play a round of CS:GO. When i came back, i found myself having a game ban on steam. I’ve never hacked ever, nor do i know where to go to get hacks for this game. Please look into my case and find a reason for this ban if you can. I would like to be unbanned as soon as possible because the Wipe was yesterday… Thanks


(User was permabanned for this post ("Cheater" - Holmzy))

Sure you haven’t. CS is a pure giveaway sign. You might not have cheated with Rust but something tells me you did with CS

I play CounterStrike. I do not hack though. I use a teamspeak overlay called Project: Kryptonite “”. Maybe that had something to do with it…? But you can rest assured i do not cheat in any way.

Gets popcorn

you poor gullible fool… you have absolutely no idea how the anti cheat system works to you.

Have fun with that ban man.

I can assure you, that’s not the cause of your ban. I know several people who use that particular program, and they’ve been using it for about a year now without being banned by EAC whenever they play Rust.

Why do they always try it in this forum?
As if FP could unban somebody.

Combination of making a last ditch attempt to get the account unbanned via begging/playing dumb and thinking that because this is the Facepunch forum that someone of power happens to have access to Rust account info.

Love these guys,


Wrong place to file a appeal. Also the cheat system only ban on cheating so you sir need to buy a new copy of the game and not cheat this time.

Hummm them hacks get you BANNED …not too cleaver now are we and a few quid down in pocket and worst of all a vac ban on your account lol, thats got got to hurt

Okay how would i appeal for a ban? You obviously aren’t much help here. I expected something like this to happen. When i get unbanned i’ll come here to show you.

For now, where would i submit a ban appeal? Is at least one person helpful?

First, you “may” be able to be spotted by someone from EAC as there are times they spot threads like this and with the information provided,will give you an answer.
Your best option is to go to and ask them directly.

LOL!!! LMAO!!! ROFL!!! you do that,and we wont be waiting :goodjob:

You’ve provided your Steam ID and you are indeed EAC banned. That is all the information EAC needs to review the detection database. They’ll either confirm that it is a valid detection of a paid/free cheat (depending), or they’ll determine that it’s in fact a mistake of some kind, remove the ban, and take action to fix whatever went wrong to cause the ban.

Everything else is you yelling at the peanut gallery who’ve seen this exact thread come and go a thousand times and end the same way.

I wondered where you were :quotes:

You technically already did by posting this thread and providing your Steam ID, but you could also try contacting them directly on their Twitter with your Steam ID as well. Either way, you’ll have to wait for someone from EAC to respond.

A majority of the time that people come to this site to post a ban appeal, they were legitimately banned for using an actual hack/cheat. It’s kind of a common thing for people to not be trustful of someone randomly posting a ban appeal on this site, especially since a lot of the people that post their ban appeals here are usually told to do so if they got caught. Whether or not you expected this doesn’t really matter.

You can drop the preemptive gloating. 99.9% of the time, it doesn’t work out in the gloater’s favor in situations like this.

See the first part of this post.

See my previous post and elixwhitetail’s post, buddy. :v:

If you do come back to show that you were unbanned people can tell if its actually your account or you are just trying to look big. Only saying as in the past people who made the same claim posted a different account that was in good standing and claimed they got unbanned. Because they were the kind of people who HAVE to be right.

Alright. Thanks for those of you who were helpful. I had no idea where to post it. and this was kind of my last resort. I knew something like this would happen. At least some people can help instead of just poking fun at someone who doesn’t know. If your that interested if i get unbanned, you can check up on me later. Have a good one everyone.

Your 2nd ban in 8 days and you still don’t realise that the little program you run before you start Rust is getting you banned …