Ban Appeal

Is there anyway i could get a staff member from eac to check my account as i was banned recently, and i have never hacked on this account, i had a account before that i hacked on csgo 3 years ago and i got banned and i didnt want any vac bans or game bans on my account so i made a new account and played legit on every game i wanted this account to be legit and now i get smashed with a game ban from rust.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Cheater" - Novangel))

just an idea but maybe if you give them something to check this could go a bit smoother

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perhaps a link to a steam profile maybeee

We’ve heard variations of similar stories before so let’s lay it out straight; it’s no use trying to tell lies to get an account unbanned. Furthermore you should post your steam ID to allow EAC to look into your case more easily.

If you’ve cheated on rust before and aren’t telling us, and honestly want to go legit, the ban won’t be overturned, but if you format your C: and reinstall OS/drivers and pay for another copy, you won’t be banned again. However this ban won’t be overturned by EAC.

If you’re just a cheat trying to get unbanned, all EAC is going to do is confirm the ban was permanent and send you on your way.

Found it,

Edit: You were also banned on one of your otheralt accounts. That leaves one unbanned.

I wasnt hacking, because i made the account so that i would not have one red mark on my account and played legit on it, i hacked on my old account but not rust i hacked on csgo and once i got banned i played legit on the new account not one game did i hack on and wanted that acocunt to be clean, i wouldnt be asking them to check my account for a more vivide look if i was hacking.

so, does that mean that the accounts zen posted are yours? you still haven’t posted an account for EAC to check…

Here’s some more: Gamebanned Clean


The ban is from a definite cheat detection and it is permanent.

For more information please read this: