BAN bandosl0lz and his team PLEASE

every player know he’s cheating there has already had to file a complaint against him, but he cheats and you made ​​nothing! why?

seriously for all that want it to be banned flooding the forum that his team gets heavy all his cheating and you done anything in his team so there’s bandosl0lz Fake Rama seriously done something!

here is the stream check it uses the same bug of the game and with a little luck you will see someone in these aimbot already recorded video GOGOGO FLOODING FOR BAN bandosl0lz and his team

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers thread" - postal))

You must be just mad because Bandosl0lz is killing mainly french? If he cheats(aimbot for example), then post proof of some sort.

If a guy is better than you in-game, does it make him a cheater?

I watched his stream before and i have seen no signs of aimbot or any other hacks.

Not only no, but fuck no. Proof ? Linking his stream? Thanks for extra viewers ?
Ur bad, get over it.

Dia you are not helping 1 bit to the problem if there is one, and what you wrote is a bit arsh comon you registered like a few days ago and you already swearing in the forums … gosh people these days allways nasty to eachother its like 95% of people are haters and just try’s to flame…

Bandos does not cheat lol.

Lol why ban ? he just play good i think.

I can second that atleast one member of their team is cheating. I think his in-game name is Stormbringer. His cheat makes him die before he even gets a chance to shoot someone… plz fix…

(I’m Storm btw.)

Pretty sure from what I heard was he was the 2nd best player out out there cause the first player quit, And there are people out there that do hack but I dont think he is one of them. But I do think Rama cheats not going to lie. Every one does

He has a good aim, he has to be a cheater

This quote suits better for the OP instead of Diazepam

You’re full of shit.

Anyone who’s played FPS games for any amount of time can see the difference between the people who obviously cheat, hitting 100% of their shots at extreme distances and those who just have good aim and hit the majority of their shots.

I think he’s being ironic.

I just got shot 3 times headshot from the same guy of Bandos and i was running around. if he isnt cheating then im jesus.

if anyone should get banned you guys should be complaining about DES CLAN but if its true and they fixed n step we shouldnt have to worry about them lol but apparently shadow is really good he just doesnt want to show off his skills HAHA

I’ll be the first to admit that Bandos and co can be pretty gay, especially Stormbringer, he’s deffo in the closet, but he streams all the time, no sign of hacks, plus his aim is terrible so doubt he’s hacking

Someone close this butthurt thread.

Go check the stream.He clearly isn’t hacking.Retards.

I played with bandos and hellbean before they were ‘big’ and bein killed like 10 times before I became friendly with them I know they do not Cheat. To this day he is the best Rust player(has one of the better aim) he’s just really good. Your just butthurt bro :wink: some people are good some aren’t. Bandos is a reallyyyyyyy good at rust, always was and he never used any type of cheat.

All these kids are just mad, learn to play before accusing. Bandos is trash , he is definitely the most lucky player in the game , but he does not hack. If he hacks and is still this bad , he’s a moron. This guy didn’t even know that you could ctrl + left click to craft all - he just learned this like 4-5 days ago. He’s bad , just extremely lucky…