Ban Because Of Loader

Ok so I made a thread a day ago because I was banned by EAC for no reason. I was not hacking, I was not using a third part that would interfere with Rust. A staff member posted “Automatic detection of known paid cheat software. Ban is permanent.” of the thread. So what you are saying that since I had AA loader I automatically clarify as a rust hacker? And I feel like it is an invasion of privacy of how you can monitor my processes (running programs). I have the AA loader for battlefield not Rust. So you have no proof that I hack on rust. You just have proof that I have a mulity-use loader. So how is this ban fair?

(User was permabanned for this post ("Cheater/liar" - UncleJimmema))

Automatic detection of known paid cheat software. Ban is permanent.

Says it all. They are not going to tell what and how. So yea

EAC detects cheat signatures active in rust memory that means you had the cheat running and playing rust. This is done by scanning your ram as you play rust

Yah I had the AA loader running while playing rust so? You can’t do anything with it. Having another program up should not get you banned. Only if that program interferes with the game. And it was not.

As far as I’ve noticed, Facepunch staff members have access to the same info regarding EAC as the EAC guys themselves. If they closed your thread saying that it was a definite detection of known paid cheat software, then it was a valid detection of something that they’ve already encountered before via EAC’s records.

If you consider that an invasion of privacy, then I’m afraid you’ve come to an incorrect assumption. An invasion of privacy would be something like having EAC go through your personal files on your system and collecting very important information, such as credit card numbers or bank account info. As far as I’m aware, EAC scans the memory of the currently-active game client when the player has the game open (much like raz stated); it doesn’t go about scanning the rest of the system to find out things like what your favorite website is or what kind of porn you look at (just using these as examples). Since EAC detected that you were using something that they’ve detected before from other users that were banned, there’s a good chance that you were banned for exactly the reason they stated.

Not only does that not really have any relevancy here due to the folks at EAC saying that program doesn’t really have any influence on the detection, but there have been several others who have claimed the same thing in their ban appeals as well (albeit for other games), and they were all found to have been using hacks as well.

They have proof, but they won’t show you. The reason EAC is as effective as it is mainly has to do with the fact that the folks working on EAC don’t release the information about what specific things were detected. By not having this information, it makes the job a lot harder for people that actually write the hacks for the game to figure out what needs to be bypassed or duped in order to not be detected. If you don’t agree with that, then all I can say is tough luck.

I know why I was banned, I know what caused it. I have done a little experiment, don’t ask how. But when ever I open AA loader while rust is playing AA gives me a warning that it will be detected so it closes it’s self. And thats how I got banned. Because I ran a Detected multi-tool injector/loader while the game was running. I don’t hack rust. So EAC you better get your stuff together because banning people for having a program running is not right. And @Katra804 the only reason people are mostly getting banned on rust is because they probably bought the AA rust hack them selfs (rust staff) so they can decode it and what not and make it detectable.

When EAC says “definite detection of paid hack” that means they’ve verified that your account was injecting data from the hack into rust. It will not detect you for having a cheat installed for an unrelated game. Quit trying, you’re not getting your account unbanned.

They better? Or what, exactly, will happen?

I am not going to assume as to whether or not you are a cheater in Rust. But if Facepunch staff are willing to allow EAC to ban those they perceive as cheaters, then I can guarantee you that they are willing to lose any possible business from those banned, as well.

As such, adding dramatic undertones to your rhetoric, is basically pissing in the wind.

I think if you’re going to play with fire (injectors) you should prepare to get burned. I’ve mucked around with modifying files and injecting DLL’s into games before and honestly if I got banned it would be my fault, even if I wasn’t cheating. I bet you absolutely were trying to cheat or at the very least messing around with things you weren’t supposed to and got yourself banned. I don’t see how that’s wrong.

“Automatic detection of known paid cheat software. Ban is permanent.”
“Software” Banned because I had AA paid loader. The loader that I bought. The load of which is a software. I was banned because I owned a paid cheat software. They don’t care if the cheat I bought was rust or not. That is what they are saying. And what I am saying is that they can’t ban people who have cheats for games they don’t own.

They can’t?

Some advice: Read what you write a few times over before you actually post.

Why not?

“Hey, you cheat in other games. You have your cheat running. You’re probably not the kind of person we want playing Rust.” Now, I’m willing to bet you had a Rust-only cheat and you’re trying to lie your way out of this, but in the event that you really had a cheat for another game I don’t see why Garry has to accommodate for cheaters period.

To be completely honest, if it weren’t illegal, and I were developing an anticheat, I would absolutely check the entire system for cheats for other games.
Would I immediately ban for them? Probably not. But even if it wasn’t injected, but the process was running, I would absolutely ban for that because that’s suspicious as hell and why would an unrelated cheat be running.

That isn’t the case with what happened here though.
You had a Rust cheat and decided, “I got banned, let’s make up a story about it so I can get unbanned”
Well we see that same story almost every other week.

Reinstall Windows and re-buy Rust if you want to play because you aren’t getting unbanned.

Admin can you close this plz? Are you F***ing kidding me? I didn’t even hack, why in the hell is their a thread post asking for paid hacks in rust, literally 4 days ago, don’t even make me laugh. MPGH Multiplayer game hacking, if you’re gonna “hack” at least don’t use your actual name, then come on here trying to prove your “innocence”. I swear is the hacking community full of kids with an IQ of 2? Well yeah, I guess it has to be, if you think “hacking” is a good thing to do in the first place.

Going to embed the image for convenience.

So…what was that about not using hacks, OP? Your story wasn’t adding up as it is, but this just adds even more to the pile.

There u go, I don’t have rust hacks. That proves it. And yep I am looking for rust hacks so I can sell them. You know how many people are trying to buy rust hacks? Thousands, why do you think AA treat there customers so shity. Because there are only a few sellings and thousands of buyers.

So let me get this right, you asked for pre written hacks, so you can sell them? But you’re aware someone could sell you literal detected hacks for you to sell… Are you just a troll or just super dumb?

its called scamming and that is why you make them get on skype and share screens with you. Make sure they get on an official server too. Plus most rust detected cheats are free for download. So you could just google the name or part of the script if it may be open source.

If you’re trying to find your way out of an EAC ban by saying you’re selling bans, you’re going as far as possible in the opposite direction. I’d take a look at what happens when people talk about having Rust hacks at all on this forum before continuing.

So to conclude all of this together. I got banned for having a paid cheat loader. That is all. And they can confirm if I am correct or not. If than I did not break the user agreement. I did not inject any hacks into Rust. And if I ever wanted to hack in rust than why the hell would I do it in the real version? There is a cracked version that I could hack in and not get banned on.