BAN EAC why ?

Hello everyone I have been banished from rust by eac without reason I do not cheat and have never been banned before I used auto clicker for fast craft but nothing more !!! my pc is updated with a good antivirus, thank you to look at my problem.

Sorry for my English I hope you understand.

sorry if I did not put the message in the right section

I’ve never used anything in-game, so it I was never banned.
Review what you are using in-game. :wink:

macros are not permitted

does that include software that comes with your mouse? I have a gaming mouse that has its own macros + software.

Yes but I did not cheat this is not a cheat , just auto clicker dude !!! I 'm not a cheater I just used a little bad software that happen to everyone !! can you unban my account plz thank you in advance

I’m not sure it happens to everyone… It’s never happened to me, for instance.

Apart from auto clicking / rapid fire is cheating :v:

most games I’ve found that autoclicking/rapid fire is fairly useless/more problematic than its worth

unless you’re close range spray and praying with a pistol (lmao) why would you need it

So I understand I 'm banned because I just use auto clicker ok no problem, when people ask me how rust !! I will answer that it is just a game and that abuts a profit even when you do not cheat you are considered one cheat software for a simple but good okay good luck for the future and good game ALL

Sawzi what is your Steam ID/Profile

What is rapid fire ?

I did not use auto fire ?? i just use autoclicker to x10 at each click , nothing bad I do not deserve a ban for one bit

Holmzy is asking you for your ID. I added some info incase you don’t know what to do.

ttp://<customURL> OR <customURL> OR 7656119xxxxxxxxxx
STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX (number of digits will vary)

My id is steam


You cheated.
There’s nothing they can do to help you.

I did not cheat wtf I just used auto clicker !

whats is

employee turns off valve control panel

I have no idea what you’re talking about. But your account shows an EAC ban on record.

Yes I know that I have a interidction , that 's why I come to ask ! but I did not cheat.

I have 546 hours rust why I start a cheat we now cover dude

it does not make sense !!

Did you check the T.O.S. to see if an “auto-clicker” was allowed? Coming in and saying it does not make sense to you is not really an effective argument

not just I have not verified unfortunately, the worst is that I barely used 2 days !!

be banished for so little it 's still exaggerated

You call it “little”. The T.O.S. says its against the rules. In my opinion instead of saying how small or insignificant your violation of the rules were you’d be better of saying you made a mistake and was not aware. Maybe they will have leniency. I do not think you will get very far by criticizing the enforcement of T.O.S. that you obviously violated. Oh and it does not matter how long you broke the rules, you still broke them.