BAN EAC why ?

Can you give us a link to the autoclicker you were using?

I did not criticize the work of the admins that otherwise I am the first to ban cheaters , just I was banned while I do not cheat , I defends like I can I do not just evidence my word and my honesty , I used this software but not to cheat , just to make a macro nothing more

Were you using a cheat to make a macro? What was the software you were using?

Swazi, it’s probably in your interest to cooperate with Holmzy and Garry – they’re Facepunch staff (the guys who made Rust). If you want to appeal your ban to somebody, it’s them. So maybe answer their question rather than flailing randomly about how you didn’t cheat…?

The account was banned for using a paid cheat.

(User was banned for this post ("image macro" - Orkel))

Such a shame. It is embarrassing revelations such as this one, that causes the gaming community in large, to never give anyone the benefit of the doubt after they are banned.

Here is hoping that people like Sawzi do not drown out the false positives through sheer numbers.

(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - OvB))

Figured as much when two of the people who actually could have helped the OP were asking for more information and the OP’s response was to continue feigning innocence rather than cooperate.

I’ve used autoclickers for almost my entire gaming life now and I’ve only been kicked once from a sven coop server that detects the retarded fast ones

I’ve played hundreds of games now and I’ve yet to even HEAR of even a single person being banned from even just a server alone for an autoclicker, let alone a game

I don’t think I’ve had one scenario where an autoclicker gave me an advantage, and if it did it was either such a huge advantage that it’s because of poor game design, or so small that it’s really pointless.

“i was only using an autoclicker” is the funniest excuse I’ve heard in my life

I don’t even see why you would want to use an auto clicker in rust in the first place unless we had an infinite resource.

I was really hoping he was honest. I feel betrayed, but I am blown away by the down to earthiness here.

2 facepunch staff showed concerns and wanted to clear it up, 1 eac staff cleared it up.

That’s 3 different staff wanting to help one dude to make sure that he was ok. Even though the dude ended up being a scumbag steve. Autoclickers should not even trigger EAC , they do not touch rust, but emulate a device function in windows.

Good job EAC :slight_smile:

I have not had time to respond , I had to go to work , and I do not listen to other people who come to talk

garry sorry I did not answer , rather , I used this software

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Thank you for your response, I appreciate

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I have not used for infinite resource , I used to craft gunpowder to avoid having to click 1000X I explained above if only you had read !!

Why not use Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click?

eac knubbe already posted that you used a paid cheat.

I play on the experimental shift Shift does not work yet , I have not used a cheat !

plz is what an admin just take care of my request, thank you

knubbe even said you have been banned because, you have have been using paid cheats now please shush

Presumably eac knubbe is saying that EAC **detected **a paid cheat & what Sawzi is saying is that EAC wrongly detected his auto click as that “paid cheat”.

From what I know every cheat has a specific way of doing things. What are the chances of his autoclicker to act same way as a specific cheat? Pretty much nil.
It also doesn’t help that he ignores devs’ comments and rambles about crap.

i’ve been using Logitech Gaming Software with my G-series mouse and keyboard which is essentially the driver software. I use an auto click function to queue up my gunpowder as well. It certainly saves strain on the hand when you have to click several hundred times to queue up / unqueue gunpowder crafting.

I’m guessing since LGS is official driver software for my hardware that it doesn’t get picked up by EAC, but some 3rd party tool like GS Auto Clicker may be seen as a cheat program.

So I have to say and agree to be banned anything when I do not cheat ??