I can not play for EAC.
I do not use cheats, unfair ban.

what can I do?


(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - postal))

Buy a new account because you cheated.

Wait for update Rust is having EAC issues related to Steam it should be fixed in the update. If not you got rekt because other than this EAC don’t false ban. If you can’t get on servers after the update this week then you are a cheater and that’s that.

I never use cheats.
I do not understand the ban that have put me

If you had read my post… You would have noticed I mentioned that there IS and error with EAC on Rust at the moment… But just constantly posting you don’t use cheats makes you look as guilty as all the other “Oh please, Unban me EAC! I never use cheats! I’m not even posting on the right forums cause I know I cheated secretly and EAC would never Unban me on their forums!” threads that constantly pop up and always turn out to be some retard that actually uses hacks.

I love how all the people who say they don’t cheat when they get banned by EAC speak really poor english.

Go here and email to EAC:
Give them your steam ID. They will check it for you. They will tell you if the ban is correct or a mistake.

Just ignore any players posting unhelpful things in this thread. You don’t need to reply to them.

There was a bug recently added to the game that falsely banned players. I am still seeing a lot of people reporting getting banned, so I don’t know if this is fixed or something else is wrong.

There is no reason to do any of that.

Look here:
If your steam account isn’t private and your name is on the list, you were banned for detected cheats.

Hopefully they get their API up soon. I am sure they are sick of people sending them emails to “check”.

It is not easy to look through hundreds of twitter posts, so I disagree. It is an option. It’s a bad one if your ban was a few days ago. You can look there, but you can also just ask EAC.

Maybe EAC can post here and tell us if people are still getting any false bans. What is up with all of the current EAC errors players are getting? There are a lot of posts here and on reddit about EAC:Disconnect issues and EAC bans. It would be excellent if EAC or FP staff could look into these.

MY guess is the big bug banning people is fixed but there is other stuff going on that prevents players from playing, and sometimes those problems look like an EAC ban.

These problems are all EAC related - at a minimum they are giving EAC error messages:

Please stop telling people about the error that EAC and the devs got fixed a day or two ago, it’s not an issue anymore. Keep up to date on the news if you’re going to help, yo. You are only going to confuse people with out-of-date info.

They posted that the issue was fixed already. There was an issue with Steam auth and it was causing the server to incorrectly add people to server banlists and act like those were EAC bans (when no such ban was ever made by EAC).

EAC: Disconnected issues are nothing new; people have EAC connectivity issues after a patch all the damn time and you should know this if you pay attention when you come here. It’s caused by firewalls blocking EAC, shitty net drivers and routers (and the Rust server list traffic flood) screwing with Internet connections, EAC sometimes not installing or updating properly (it’s not always the user’s fault), and, least common, damaged/pirated copies of Windows (EAC requires the Windows security model to be intact; some Windows piracy methods rootkit the machine to fake out Windows registration checks and have the side effect of freaking EAC out).

As for posts about EAC bans, you’ve been here long enough to know that you can tell when there’s an EAC banwave because 4-6 people show up over the next 12 hours with the same story and none of them know what they did wrong – inevitably, if EAC or a Rust dev shows up to look up Steam IDs and confirm bans, it’s always a payhack detection. I don’t know why you bother to tell people to go to EAC at this point, especially since they can’t even be fucked to search for them themselves and come here with obvious lies. If their Steam ID’s been tweeted by Rusthackreport, they almost certainly cheated.

Game’s in alpha and it’s difficult to have a working anticheat that’s able to handle any valid configuration of hardware and software, 100% of the time, with zero flaws. Especially when users don’t understand how EAC works and will do things like launch RustClient.exe, thinking that’s the solution to the problem, and then they come complaining that EAC’s broken, meanwhile their firewall has Rust.exe locked down in Gitmo.

EAC takes longer than checking yourself. Considering that 99.9999999999999999% of them actually cheated.

The recent glitch, caused by valve, is the closest to a false positive we have seen. But they weren’t actually bans. It was fixed. There is no reason to investigate further.

To reiterate, no one was actually banned. The glitch was triggered by valve and has been fixed. It is not likely there is some uncaught glitch still present. It was kind of a “right conditions” thing.

Just because someone suggested it was EAC related doesn’t mean it was.

This one is an issue with the Rust Configuration window and has nothing to do with EAC.
He attempted to run rust outside of steam and got an EAC error, but the error is due to him running rust out of steam and unrelated to the original issue.

“Rust Launcher Error: loadingError - StartService failed (577)”

This one is actually a windows 10 tech preview error.

Updating it fixed the issue in this case.

This is typically caused by a firewall not allowing EAC’s traffic.

This one provides no details.

So all in all 0 of the issues you posted are EAC issues. Sorry.
At best they need to be added to a FAQ. But i don’t think it warrants emailing EAC.