Ban him

Hello i just made my one my automatic gun shops uploads to and when i got my first comment i found some guy who had faked garrys name called: garry :smiley: please ban him hes not welcome to post :slight_smile:


Page Found him with name:-

BTW, He changed is name back to “MphysLx”

Ignore him?

Are you saying that just because of his name he can’t post anywhere?

I thought he making fun of garry and making people think hes the real one.

No it’s not garry, for me i see his user name as MphysLx.

If you look on my first post i said he changed is name to “MphysLx”

Then what’s the problem?

What the hell is happening…?

Your point? He isn’t making fun of any one. Who cares if he put his disqus name as Garry. It’s not like he’s going around saying that he is the real Garry.

He’s impersonating him. Saying you’re the real garry while you’re impersonating him destroys your credibility. That’s why you act as if you’re naturally him.

uh-oh! We need detective! He is one of us, he could be you,he could be me? poof

Yes I’m totally him. I totally looove to impersonate Garry. But you see the thing is that I’m banned from commenting. Which means you’re only thinking that it could be me, but also being an asshole. Sucks that you actually thought I would impersonate Garry on a banned disqus account. Also the fact that my disqus is screwed up and I can’t access it any more. Derp.
And who cares if the kid is impersonating him. Its not like he’s hacking the website now is he? Plus I’m sure Garry doesn’t care. Little kids will believe that it’s really Garry, but the ones who aren’t stupid will know that it isn’t Garry. Also since when did Garry download others downloads and tell them that there’s a problem with it? It’s kinda obvious it’s not him, so people should know it right away. Since he barely posts on disqus.

Since when is Garry a rare name?

i saw a guy named johnnymo in a movie therefor you should ban him immediately

I was fooled he was the real garry at first, but then I remembered, "Wait, why would he comment on a random addon?

…maybe because he looked at a random addon?

That’s not like him to comment on random addons. If I wanted to impersonate garry, there’s stuff that I’d do to make sure I actually look like him. :v: For instance, comment on stuff garry would comment on, not advanced dupes.

Are you retarded

I think the only things Garry would comment on would maybe have to do with something in his life maybe, like his cup for instance. Some one made a model of his cup or w/e it was and he commented on it. Probably because he liked it. Also it was on or his twitter idk.

He’s desperate for likes just ignore him.