ban me for bad programming

Hi, ive just recently purchased rust - 2days ago as its the kind of game im really interested in. i can see it going along way and with it still being in alpha stage i thought id jump on the band wagon early.
Now ive brought the game i see some issues, ok no biggy i expected some problems along the way but the 1 i have seems to be a pretty big issue, one that not only myself is having - im invisable and so is everyone else…hmm.
so i read in the forums that its a hack?? a glitch?? i dont know, its pretty vague and how it happens is even more vague. What worries me is that people who have had this issue have been banned from servers not even knowing that they are invisible to others around them.
My personal glitch seems to be that i cannot create items on the ground ie campfires etc, my torch doesnt count down to 0 it stays at 250, i dont get infected by radiation, animals and players cant see me and i cant see them. I still die which doesnt affect this glitch and i still go hungry. The game seems fine for the first few mins or so but im not sure because im still very new to the game and havnt yet seen ANYONE in the map.
So my questions are these:

  1. does anyone know of this glitch?
  2. will i get banned for being invisable?
  3. is there anyway to get unglitched
  4. is it fair to ban people who have this glitch

Thanks for your help

Sounds like you might have some huge latency issues.

or ghosting

Server owners might ban you but most good admins will at least ask what is going on. If you go around abusing the fact that you are invisible it is fair to ban otherwise you should just try to figure out why you are having this problem.

You are desyncing, most likely an issue with your internet.

Are you talking about specific server bans? If so, no one can help you here, contact the server owner. Did you get VAC banned? If so, no one can help you here either and you cheated. Game bugs do not trigger VAC bans.

This sounds like the desync/ghosting issue that has been around for some time now. There are a few threads on it over in the bugs forum.
Are you using WinXP OS by chance? I had this issue when I first downloaded Rust and had XP installed. I updated to Win7 and no issues since. I have read that this is not true for all cases but it is a know problem for a lot of XP users.

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Here is the link to the bug report thread…or one of many anyway.

On quick review it looks like the XP issue has a workaround but I didn’t read much into it so again G/L.

you’re ghosting. Sometimes can be triggered simply by using your microphone ingame

if you are not using cheats you should be safe from vac bans but a server admin might ban you for being invisible.

Your soul escaped from your body and can roam free and invisible within a certain radius of your body or else it will become disconnected permanently.
If you find this happening you must perform an “ego death” to rejoin back to your body.

Something similar was happening to me for a while – I found a quick disconnect/reconnect fixed it.