Ban Menu

OK, so I’m running a PERP3 gamemode and assmod is nuts and gatekeeper doesn’t work. So I need a ban menu that bans people to a file in data folder like other admin menus do. So… I made some pictures to show you how I want it to look.

So the commands should be like:

-“ban_menu” = opens menu
-“ban unban <steamid>” = unbans player
-“ban ban <name or steamid> <time> <reason>” = bans player

Any specific reason it needs to be done to a text file or can it be SQLi based?

easier management maybe?

Well due to Gatekeeper not working after Garrys last update, I don’t think bans from a DB will stop people from joining. So I thought a .txt file would be more suitable.

What does gatekeeper have to do with how you store data?

And Jova I think it would be easier reading a SQL file (possible opened in Navicat) then trying to read and edit glon.

i meant easier if he doesn’t have experience with that shit.

Well gatekeeper is something that helps keeps invaild SteamIDs and Bans away from server. But I’m not really sure why bans don’t work. I would just like one made.

Gatekeeper is a module that allows you to kick the players from an early stage in the joining proccess. It makes great for custom ban systems , but it has nothing to do with the way data is stored.

The reason he wants this done is because the ban plugin for the version of assmod he has doesnt work. Also he wants a menu with assmod. Also he doesnt know anything about anything lua related.

So what? I know basics of lua and such.


Sorry, I’m pretty sure most of us don’t support stolen/leaked gamemodes.

Who says it’s leaked/stolen?

And this coming from the guy who ran a community with a stolen PERP1?