ban random players?

hello, im lone potato, playing on steam about 3000 haurs + online games like dayz standalone, never got ban because never use cheats, after start play rust about 100 h later get banned. why ban random players? better ban rat cheaters! i never use cheats play online games never banned, have only skype, mcafee and dr,web (antivirus) programs on computer. you can see my logs i never used chets and plz solve this mistake, im not rat cheater! im normal player! :frowning: i pay for play not for random ban!

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

As far as i can see you don’t have a vac ban, so i assume that you where banned for something by an admin of their own server, if that is the case you need to talk to aforementioned admin.

when i try to connect any server there is alweys messeg you are ban on this server i try about 100 + oficial server. then i reinstal rust try it againt but useless

Does it say EAC ban?

on official servers its says you are banned from this server, on modded servers its says EAC ban, i dont know what its mean, i cheek forums they say you cheat =D lol, i never use something i alweys play online games where are many cheaters, but never get banned because didnt use rat cheating, i dont know what to do! is it posibility for ban randomly for no reason? because its true, realy, hope its mistake =|

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maybe someone can check my logs i dont know do something to see that i am not lieing!

If EAC detects you, youre a cheater dont be like i never did something weh weh someone did something on youre account accept it.

the problem is that i realy never cheat, never banned, never, i think its some mistake but nobody belive me, why they dont whant cheek logs, they can see im clear!

i know this player he never used cheats before

That’s a really poor attempt now.

can someone see my logs?

The “banning random players” act isn’t going to work. Also, the alt you made just a few minutes ago is hilariously obvious.

i ask to my friend do it , to support me, because im realy clear

76561198038437225 was banned by automated detection. Unfortunately, another account will be needed to play Rust again.

Better explain to your friend why you’re lying to him, now. :goodjob:

btw, eac_SMa is from the team that runs Rust’s anticheat, confirming you were rightfully banned for cheating. You can stop lying now. :v:

i ask to my friend do it , to support me, because im realy clear

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what do you mean lying?

Looks legit.

I mean that this:

is a lie, because of this:

You were detected using cheats, and your account is permanently EAC-banned. Time to make a new Steam account, clean your computer of your hacks, and buy Rust again.

Ive never been banned before by EAC but i have been kicked or dc’d for no apparent reason.
So if i can get kicked for no reason, some unlucky guy who gets this several times will probably get banned. Its basic statistics.
Server lag and Ddos attacks may make people do crazy things but this isnt cheating plz fix it.

can mcafee or skype or dr.web cause problem?

EAC doesn’t ban people for lagging on servers. Don’t be dumb.

This excuse didn’t work in January 2014 when the first VAC ban wave happened, and it hasn’t worked once since then. That’s not how anticheats work.

EAC and VAC detect when the Rust code is tampered with, to inject hacks into the game. Lag doesn’t make you see this:

This is not a screenshot of Lone Potato, it’s a screenshot of a random Rust hacker, for illustration purposes only.