Ban Recommendations forum

Hi, I’ve made this post so that all of us can put hacker’s and modder’s names and reasons to this forum so that administrators could help.

Here’s i’l go first with my first hacker encounter:

Name : KumaBear

What did he do: Sprint hack + God Mode

Proof: I’ve shot him multiple times when i encountered him near a shelter. I’ve shot him atleast twice in the head and then he used his speedhacks.

It’s probably the lag that’s been hitting the server lately.
Also, there is a thread to post proof of hackers

This goes here

I also doubt he’s speedhacking, it’s probably due to the server lag. Another thing, your proof won’t get you anywhere.

Thanks for the link, but I doubt it was the server lag, i’ve shot him around 3 times in the head when he stood still for around 3 mins checking out bodies, but, i understand that proof won’t get me anywhere.

And another thing, Plain forum text is not proof. Get proof before accusing someone.