para baixar o numero de hackers o rust usou o ban vac, mais como sempre tem algumas pessoas que foram banidas indevidamente, o minimo que a Facepunch poderia fazer e falar o cheat que foi ultilizado, acho mais do que justo o ban pra quem usou cheat mesmo, mais aquele pessoal que levou ban sem nem saber o pq sem nem saber que cheat foi encontrado no pc, vai que isso pode afetar outros jogos, isso e direito do consumidor, e mais do que justo eles informar.

to lower the number of hackers used the rust vac ban, but as always some people who have been wrongly banned, the least I could do to Facepunch and speak the cheat that was ultilizado, I think more than just the ban who used to cheat even more those guys who took ban without even knowing the pq without knowing that cheat was found in the pc, will that may affect other games, and that consumer law, and more than just inform them.

Don’t cheat. Why would you want to know which cheat it was? You used one, period.

Deixa de usar cheats, para que queres saber o que usaste? Usas-te, Ponto.

no bueno le hackers!

That’s what every cheater is saying.

VAC doesn’t scan your hard drive for hash signatures… So unless you are running a Anti-VAC tool that runs in Kernal (As a Driver) you won’t be banned for just having something on your computer.

AKA You were cheating like a tard BR and got banned… Buh Bye Now

Owned! Or wait, in spanish… Owned-ado!

Stop writing shit in spanish please.


I read more or less the same kind of things after the ban waves by ANet on Guild Wars 2… Always the same story, again and again. I still have to figure out what fun some people find in cheating, for me it’s a mystery. To compensate some real life complex maybe? Don’t know…

Curves hand, damaged brain, (or just for fun) = Cheats is the only way out!

Dat made no sense.
Google translator has to improve for sure lol

Wrong people to complain to, talk to Valve

VAC es muy bueno :v:

Lmao dude it’s not even spanish but ok XD

ahahahaha owned-ado ahahaha omg made my day

I suggest reversing the vac modules some more, you’re clearly outdated saying that.

I wouldn’t be too sure about that, we had a confirmation on SPUF a year or two ago that when a player gets reported several times on their steam community profile for suspected cheating - that vac begins to get more ‘invasive’ and scan that player more ‘aggressively’

Not the exact words but it came straight from a valve employee.

Also recently a company called treyarch which made a mobile tablet game on pc called black ops 2 was doing invasive disk IO scans/running process scans along with having admins spectating players to issue out ‘game bans’ rather than vac bans

You could tell a scan was occurring when you got reported several times because you would begin to stutter in-game. Also any thread mentioning the scans on steam discussions would be deleted as soon as it was seen by a moderator

Let’s see here, studied spanish for 3 years. I’ve been working on this for a few hours now, and here is my essay :

VAC es un perro…?