I just ask the developers remove the ban from my steam account
I can buy the game again because that I deleted it
Why should I start a new account on the old account if I do not have this game?
I know what has been banned!
My Account in steam “lord_of_the_three_planets”

(User was banned for this post ("Make one thread not three." - postal))

Its to tell people that you’re not trust worthy


if you want to play rust again

make a new steam account

that is the only way you get to play again end of story

he isn’t vac banned though

You’re funny. Facepunch cannot remove a VAC ban from your Steam account because Facepunch IS NOT Steam. They don’t manage VAC bans. They merely restrict people who have been VAC banned from Rust from playing Rust.

Facepunch will not remove a Cheatpunch ban from your account because you were caught cheating and wouldn’t you hate it if some douchey cheater was killing, abusing or harassing you in your favorite game? So why the hell would Facepunch unban you when you were caught cheating?

If have a VAC ban you can submit a support ticket to Steam and see if that flies with them.

There’s a video that one of the regulars usually posts in response to these threads that explains the difference between Facepunch and Steam but the main point is…they’re different.

It looks like you posted this same shit a week ago, a day ago and this is your third time posting the exact same thread.

You were told a week ago that your SteamID (STEAM_0:0:58649247) was caught using the Dizzy ESP/etc. hack to which you replied,
“I just improved gaming performance with the aid of the program “to improve optimization Games” + screen brightness”

You cannot “buy the game again” because you deleted it. It is permanently tied to your Steam account along with any bans you may have.

I’m sorry you think it’s lame that cheaters get banned in Rust. May I direct your attention to any number of F2P shooter games? Perhaps, you could find some friends there?

Thanks for making two threads about the same thing, jerk. We really needed you to flood the forum with threads about your personal tantrum over being caught cheating.

That’s the third thread now. Stop the spam and get lost already.