Banana Nade

While waiting for help with another project, i decided to make a fun swep, this is the end result.

Banana Nade V2
It clusters
Remotely detonated
Combine Bounce, Stick and Pull to form your own favorite Banana Nade

hamp - The very useful getang function
Feihc - I learned how to make a grenade swep from looking at his
jA_cOp, andyvincent, Devenger, Megiddo - Giving useful reply’s in my asking-for-help-threads

Rebuild from scratch
Change Nade and Cluster type separately
Remote detonation
New fire mode added, Pull
Weapon animations
Forced waiting time
No more automated detonation
Limited by max sents
Undo-able (both nade and clusters)
Bug fixes

Added bounce fire mode
Bug fixes

Initial release
Featured only a sticky clustering banana

Change nade type

Change cluster type

Primary fire:
Trow Banana Nade

Secondary fire:
Detonate nade or clusters

Undo last made nade or clusters

**V2 **[/media]


Extract into your main garrysmod/garrysmod/
It should end up in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/banana nade, if not, you extracted wrong

When using gmirror, you have to restart (since its a swep + sents, both need game restart)


Really nice! Great SWEP!

Lua King’d!

Thanks :smiley:
Sorry for the poor quality video by the way

No problem, I’d rather use test it ingame anyway :).

Good tactic :v:

Very nice and Lua King’d

Great job! That’s awesome. Please make more flashy and cool sweps like this. You are really good at it.

I love Worms.
Although, the original banana bomb was very bouncy.


You should Borrow the Banana view model from smod instead of using pistol :v:

Looks cool! :v:

Make it bouncy to world and make so you can manually detonate it.

Hmm yeah i couldn’t decide which of the 2 parts (nade or cluster) should bounce, personally i like the sticking more.

Yeah i thought about the smod models, but i don’t like to use work by others.
And finally, yeah its kinda like the super banana bomb from worms, though not really intended to be so i won’t make it resemble that.

Thanks for all the positive comments :smiley:

nice :stuck_out_tongue: by the way this is smile :slight_smile:

Heh, that is sweet but I agree that it needs to bounce along the ground, a settable fuse time would be awesome as well.

Hi SMILE :smiley: Thanks for helping me test every now and then

Shit, that’s a cool swep! Lua king’d

Nice SWEP, could do with the bouncing though.

Lol! but i think it would be better if it bounced :X

Nice job anyway!

Banana phone and now this?!

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, Banana Nade!

“boop boop badaba doop”