Bananas RP

Banana’s Serious DarkRP Server!

Server Owner: Banana
Dont ask why it looks like counter strike or why the thing says its css its not idk why it did that

Server Addons

:black_small_square: PHX3

:black_small_square: Wire

:black_small_square: Gsurf

:black_small_square: CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0

Server Rules:

:black_small_square: NO PropBlocking
:black_small_square: NO PropSurfing
:black_small_square: NO E2
:black_small_square: Respect all Admins
:black_small_square: Dont spawn too much stuff from the Adv. Duplicator
:black_small_square: NO RDMING
:black_small_square: NO Prop spamming
:black_small_square: RolePlay According to your job

Not following the rules of the server may cause to a kick or a Ban.

For more details About are server visit are website.

Server WebSite:

Server is up 24/7

Am I led to assume this is a DarkRP server?

May I suggest using a different map?

Sorry Downtown v2 only

That’s a bit pointless to many servers run downtown.

Everyone likes downtown v2 an if ppl like it they will join an i want ppl to join my server.

another fail server, The next one please…

you guys dont even have a “real” website.

Suggestion: Instead of a site make a PHP Fusion site with free host. Then make it to a .tk domain. ( )

Being able to pay for Admin is a baaaaad idea, especially with a world of bratty little 12 year old’s with money to burn.

kk fuk u guys if u dnt like the fukin server or watevr then dont post


haah yea rite


so? idc u dnt need a real website

Do ho ho. Internet tough guy here everybody.

I’m also stating the obvious.

Get a better script.

Its constructive criticism, if you don’t like it don’t post here.

Changing it to rp_evocity_v1p would be a start. Downtown is overrated and overused.

Dis gon be gud.

or maybe you should just be quiet instead of being negative and dumb on every thread you post on?

He does speak the truth, at the moment Garrys Mod has a large population of the younger generation.

Offering children of that age who have well funded parents can lead to complications which can range from a bad reputation to a broken server.

I myself would only offer administration privileges to the most trusted of members whom are above a certain age unless signs of maturity and understanding are shown, the one thing that can make or break a community is It’s administration team, you may not realise it but It’s true.


This was a very negative response to the criticism that was given if you re-read the previous posts you may notice that we are infact offering you suggestions to help improve your server, yet you are throwing it back into our faces, this appears a bit rude to me and I feel both insulted and dissappointed by this fact.

I do apologize for the further criticism in advance.

Then he should say like " Remove the option of pay for admin" " shouldn’t he?

He should of suggested the removal of the option yes.

Not everybody thinks before they post, I do it myself sometimes.

Another exact copy of a generic Dark RP server.

NEVER sell admin powers for reasons stated above.