Banana's Serious RP[url

Server Name: Banana’s Serious Roleplay [PHX3,Wire,customjobs,Drugz]
GameMode: DarkRP
Slots: 32
Special Features: Custom Jobs

I have a server on garrysmod Here is the name of are server:
Banana’s Serious Roleplay [PHX3,Wire,customjobs,Drugz]

Heres are IP:

We also have a clan for my server heres the link to join my clan:

So if u want to join my server go ahed

Heres are website:

We have nice admins

HungerMod set to 1

Pee an Poop mod set to 1

ToolGun set to 1


PC Technician
Chief Of Police
an much much more!


Conna’s Tools

I’ve listed the things that are wrong. Your gamemode isn’t special with custom jobs, DarkRP, or pee and poo mod (wtf?). People will Dm, abuse guns, your admins WILL rage and abuse their powers. Drugz isn’t original or fun anymore. Rebel is basicly “LOOK FOR COPPZZZZZZZ AND SHOOT!!1” Gangster and Mobboss are in the game for 2 years already. Your grammar is seriously lacking on your website, and I doubt any admin you have is ready to actually help RP.

You’ve made like 5 different threads about your server with the same, horrible details.

This isn’t criticism, just something I’m pointing out. How come you used near perfect grammar and a good layout at the start, then just let the OP descend into a generic rubbish RP community advert. Put a bit more effort into the thread, and the players will come.

I really feel uncomfortable about this server due to there being a Rebel class. “I’M A RBEL NOAW TIME TO SHOOT COMBINE PEW PEW”

Also Toolguns on for everyone? Not a good idea…It’s better to make people have to earn the trust to obtain one…or donate

Also. Poo and Pee mod end up in 8-12 year olds laughing and screaming on the mic and peeing on everyone.

and to end it. DarkRP is not a good gamemode to use…(As im a super admin on one >_> trying to push tacoscript into its mouth though) try useing cakescript (easy to edit and make a serious real life RP out of it) or Tacoscript (harder to edit i heard. but yeah its a good gamemode for RP)

I was going to make the EXACT same list in one of his other threads. I’m glad someone else hates Durgzmod.

I have a feeling that the Rebel class is the exact same as the Gangster class., and Door stool is also just annoying. All it adds is the ability for any minge to create an impenetrable fortress.

I really dislike servers that take donations for in-game abilities/money/items. Having a very limited toolgun (just rope) for all classes, and being able to buy one with a few more features would be better. Forum registration for toolgun is also a common idea.

It can’t be serious if is called banana.

Why do you have more than 1 thread on this server?

“hey guys join my DarkRP server that isn’t different from the others, and guess what, it uses a lot of addons! Hey you aren’t joining! why aren’t you joining it? Maybe if I make more threads people would join! Now wtf? they are flaming at me? What the hell I am doing wrong?”

Fuck you



(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - Greeman))

Fail server detected

This is such a respectable community, you just persuaded me join join your server, man I hope I can be you some day :bravo:

No u.

Your lack of any backbone to take critisism just furthers my theory that your server will never make it past the first month, let alone have any decent players on it.
Your “server” has been tried, retried, then done some more by people in the past. Almost every DarkRP server you see in the list will dissapear sooner or later and no one is going to miss it, this includes yours.

Good day sir.

This is a joke right?.

Your located in hawaii (well, Honolulu. Same area.) and on roadrunner. You will never be able to host 32 slots…