Band of Brothers 101st Airborne Model + Saving Private Ryan Ranger (Photogammetrized/Needs Rigging)

Days of War had at one point Photogammetrized the Meshes the uniforms and equipment from the two most popular war films, Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan. This pack includes the meshes and textures of the models.

Format: Unreal Engine .pskx/.psk | Textures: .tga

Link:[/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t] [t][/t] [t][/t]

Someone please make use of these and actually publicly release them :v: Lots of potential!

Those look really good. I agree, somebody please use them.

EDIT: @TheDevilsOwn how do you import/open the pskx file? I tried gildor’s ActiveXImporter max2012, blender even Noesis it won’t open.

You can try converting the pskx file, I just extracted them from the game and put them up. There’s some converters around that convert .psk to obj.

The proportions of these models will probably require HEAVY modifications, I don’t know what the fuck the guy in charge of optimizing the meshes did but he sure fucked up some pretty good 3D scans :[/t] to [t]

I miiiiight actually have the guy that did those on my friendslist. he helped do models for the Arma 3 Halo mod

edit: yeah i do, its this guy

Not sure why I’m getting an error, been thinking of buying the game for the models but would it be worth it seeing how badly its been rated.

What I did was that I bought the game, extracted all the UE4 Bundles that contained the content and then got a refund. Too easy.