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C&C Please

Now which one is Tom Hanks?

They are all Tom Hanks!


I like this even more, then.

Tom Hanks isn’t even in Band of Brothers you fuckin scrub.

that’s the joke you AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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everyone thinks of saving pvt ryan when someone talks about band of brothers

unless its the pacific


which one is james mcavoy

That midget must dodge bullets

The one with the hole in his head.

Second one’s definitely better.

Bit weird you used marine models for airborne though.

does the Spartacus thing I’M Tom Hanks!

holy shit i could never tell just by the silhouettes

Should’ve used the folding stock M1 carbine, that’s my only complaint.

I can tell because of the helmet covers and the spades on their packs, airborne didn’t field that shit.

They are USMC

Yes he was, he had a cameo.

You know what I meant, he wasn’t in the main cast.