Bandages take to long

It think they should make the animation about 2 seconds or less but make it so you do not get any health so people cant just spam them. I have been in so many situations were I almost finished the animation but bled out right before.

yeah it really feels way to long

Bandaging a serious wound on yourself is very awkward and slow. Especially when those serious wounds always seem to be on your left forearm and you have to do it one-handed. Make it so that your buddy can bandage you and cut the time in half for THAT.

I don’t think they should give you any health either, but I’ve also always thought spamming bandages was a pretty silly way to heal. Get some fucking food man.

But yeah I think it’s a touch slow, a buff for having a friend do it would be sweet.

Health regen is fickle and annoying. Large medkits take up enough fuel to keep a quarry running for 30 minutes. You have to eat an entire bear to heal up to full.
Bandages healing a mere 5hp isn’t an issue.

IMO, bandages should only stop bleeding, which in turn allows your natural regeneration to heal you up.

it would be cool if you could bandage others faster than yourself, but i’m not too fussed on the animation time at the moment.

i think it is okay… is just to stop bledding or newmans heal… insta heal with serings are the way to heal you self after stop bledding with bandages