Bandicam > Fraps?

I was tired of getting 15-20 mini-clips popping up everytime I recorded gameplay with Fraps, and someone reffered me to Bandicam, because apparently it records in the same quality while at the same time keeping your file size much lower, and all in one video.

Can anyone vouch this would be a wiser switch instead of Fraps?

What is it that’s wrong with fraps?

Just hate how Large the files are, and having to piece together a video from so many clips. Tedious, looking for a simpler, more efficient way of doing things. And I have to compress larger files when I use fraps, and Bandicam does it automatically I guess. Just wondering if someone can vouch if it’s better or not.

Yeah I know. I “frapsed” videos for 63 gb 2 days ago. But I do them with the highest fps and defenition so I make then HD 1080p. I dont know any better ones then fraps but you can always lower the Quality and actually make it better in a video program.

Also If you wanna see the outcome of my hardwork, just check my thread that I just posted on the category.