Bandit Rating.

Firstly It would be nice to incorporate some sort of bandit rating system to where if you kill 10 sleepers your an outlaw and so on.

I know a lot of you are not going to like it but this is how we acquire most of my goods from zombie farming which is ok or sleeper hunting and your houses you spend so much time building. We pretty much have never built anything we just blow the doors and put our doors on. I for some reason like breaking sleeping bags.
The saddening robbery.

There is a bandit rating system in place already. People who wear kevlar = bandit. No exceptions

Alternately, I’m in my base in kevlar defending it from bandits. But I get your point. Basically true.

Yeh i would like to have a system like that it would be good. I just keep my distance from anyone in leather and kevlar.