Banditry vs Farming

I play as a pacifist in Rust. Well… I only attack in defense. I never just blast people for the hell of it.

I gather resources by farming wood piles, boulders, animals, etc. The tiresome way.

There’s a guy who started the same time as me. We had a nice little chat way back when we were both rock-carrying nakeds. Since then he’s become a bandit and now preys on resource gatherers in the valley in which my virtual Rust self lives. Well, he tries to anyway.

My base is big. In fact I have four bases scattered around the map. The smallest, most bombed-out looking one contains my loot. The others are just big, empty architectural statements, tempting raiders to waste their C4 :slight_smile:

This guy’s base is mediocre at best. I followed him home once and found him living in a 2 x 2. Blasted him once and he came back out with a hatchet the next day, so I guess his loot is also limited.

TL/DR: the moral of the story, at least in my experience, is that if you want to accumulate stuff in Rust then it pays to farm. Sure you can grab loot by pillaging people. But running around in bandit gear with a gun out just makes you a target for other bandits. And there’ll always be someone out there who’s a better aim than you.

Farming is slow but it’s steady and dependable. I now have enough stuff to resource a small army… whereas my bandit friend has just enough to scrape by each day, robbing nakeds.

Even in Rust, crime doesn’t pay. It might be fun… that’s another topic… but purely in terms of gathering stuff, you’re better off being a simple farmer.

Raiding people beats farming anyday. Higher risk and higher reward.

Killing nakeds is usually less efficient then just farming for what you need though due to the travel time of finding a target along with the risk of other combatants killing you. However killing other players in a roaming pvp sense can also be extremely profitable, especially bandit hunting playstyles. By bandit hunting, I mean killing anybody I see with plausibly good gear, I don’t care for any morality bullshit.

^ Good point.

And certainly it’s not a question of morality, just one of efficiency.

Do both. Go resource with a gun.

You dont find anyone? > resources around
You find someone? > kill them

you only seem to be taking into account the lone wolf playstyle.

its alot easier to stack mats n guns by banditing if you have a group doing it with you.

even if the better aim guy kills you and two friends, there are still 2-3 other friends who finish him off and get all the loot.(assuming some of you at least can aim reasonably.

personally i do a mix of both. ill find a semi decent spot near resources and not too far from a quick run for some crates so i can get some gun drops.

its VERY easy to get armed in rust (even through farming) what is it like 50 wood and 40 frags for a pipe? christ you could get that in 1-2 resource piles and some animals.

sometimes i wont even build a house just a workbench/furny hidden in the rocks, make guns.

also i feel dirty killing harvesters, and i find it to be a lame ass cheap tactic so ill haunt my usual areas and wait for someone to do just that and while hes looting the poor farmer i put a full hot load of homemade shells in his back.

sometimes if i know the farmer lives around there i wont even loot the bandit, leaving it for the farmer(besides medkits ALWAYS LOOT MEDKITS)

I thought this thread will talk about future possibility of growing crops and making farms, so this is probably OT, but i always wondered: If they one day introduce aa real farming in rust, how will it go with the omnipresent raiders?

Anyway I usually farm the way you decribe here, only with fewer bases and if i do not get raped by a bandit, the server is wiped :smiley:

Why do you want to accumulate stuff to make stock pile… if you do not use it.
If this bandit that you’re talking about do not have a lot of stock, maybe it’s because he used them instead of stockpiling them.

Well-armed groups also tend to dominate the air-drops on most servers. It’s no coincidence that guys decked out in full Kevlar and M4s tend to come in groups of three or more.

i raided 12 kev sets + 50 c4 + tons of ammo and more weapons than i ever seen while using 4 explosive charges.

Raiding is worth it…

I do both. I play in a group but the window of time when we’re all on is brief, so our raiding/raider hunting time is short but effective. The rest of the time I go out and farm with a pistol, that way if anyone jumps me I can defend myself and I might get some bonus gear. All in all, a mix of both is good, but morality plays a huge role in my decision. I’m the dude who’s heart pounds as much when he kills a dude with cloth and a stone hatchet as when I’m fighting a group of kevs. I don’t like killing people that don’t deserve it. But I do what I have to to survive.


ever find yourself farming without a gun you prob deserve to lose all your shit

I think it’s more situational than that. What if you only have the one gun and no mats to make another one? Should you really risk losing your only weapon on the off-chance that you could kill someone while gathering?

When I was still learning I’d go out and gather in all of my fancy armor with a full stack of ammo and my modded guns… Took quite a while to learn my lesson, now I do most of my gathering naked. I’d rather lose what I just gathered than lose everything I’ve worked for all at once.

EDIT: Of course, this is me – a solo player. If you were in a group then the strategy changes a lot.

Who says he doesnt have abunch of bases either?

Maybe you play more than he does?

I disagree with farming armed. When u r in process of smashing rock or a wood pile…or killing rad animals - u r a very vulnerable target. Mainly bcs u r focused on something else and probably won’t notice someone running towards u and/or u r pretty much “static” target even if u move while harvesting resources.

Dying naked with resources on u is an event from “ohh well…whatever” category but dying with armor, weapons, meds AND resources on u takes u back in progress quite a bit.

That’s why I move while getting resources. I sidestep around the resources and look around in between pick axe hits.

Offtopic, but OP, do you need someone too help you with farming? Can’t send you an PM

^ Very kind offer but I’m ok thanks :slight_smile:

I net a good amount of resources. Sufficient to build a stupid 10-storey base (all empty!..just a bandit trap) and a bunch of other bases around the map. I have five in total. This is all from farming resources solo. Like others, I tend to run ‘naked’ with just a pickaxe or hatchet. My returns are always much higher than my losses from being jumped. There are times when I carry shotgun, just to give bandits a little surprise! :wink: But 99% of the time I’m empty handed in terms of weapons. Just sneaky!

I’m a solo player too, i’d say YES you should risk losing your only weapon!
Reason being, you have a higher chance of returning to base with materials to make many many more weapons, with the added bonus chance of popping someone and returning with their loot too, instead of just hoping to get away or dying defenseless.

not like im always running around fully geared out, but just having a p250 can be the difference between rage quitting and gamer orgasm