Bandits (First pose).

As title, my first pose. Please leave critisism, Thank you.


Thank you all for your votes!

A little heavy on the DoF, there. Not terrible for a new guy.

The grass on the left looks… Weird.

DoF gets blurry really fast
The background is rather plain-looking (maybe have some trees growing out of the windows; it’ll all be kinda blurry anyway so no need to spend an hour setting them up)
Grass was done quickly, which I can’t blame you too much for (being a lazy #$%^ myself)
Right side feels empty of detail (could use a little something going on there; maybe another guy hiding)
Aaaaaand though I have absolutely no problem with it, the elite of this forum will probably chew you out for putting a signature on it.

Use SDoF, it looks way better. DoF’s blur is just too bad and from afar it just becomes a mix of desaturated colors. Zoom in with your camera and fill all the empty spots where you could pose someone else/add stuff to the scenebuild.

But for being a first pose, it’s pretty well done! I honestly thought that you’d been lurking on Screenshots and Movies section for a while before posing.

Thank you, I’ll keep this in mind with my next pose.

not bad imo

The shitty blur is a common mistake made by newbies. Just use SDoF, not the normal DoF.

Also, the grass on the left looks really copy-pasted, nex time try to blend some more models of the grass, the effect will be less boring.

And avoid doing generic scenes like this, unless you want to show how fucking awesome you are with lights (I’m pointing at you, Ninja…)/photoshop/model making.

About the angles of camera: take some more photos of the scene from different angles and choose the best looking one. Try zooming-in for a picture like this one, so we can actually see who is this guy shooting to.

nice try