Bandwagon esque-responses and fads

They are fucking ridiculous.

First has to be band-wagon responses, which are basically…

If your picture is Brown then some moron will just go ‘well hurr de dur thats brown’, It does not make the picture bad if it is brown, it doesn’t make it better either. It’s just brown. Stop mentioning it as though it affects the overall quality of the picture. It’s personal preference and has nothing to do with constructive criticism.

Generic. Basically, anyone that thinks something is generic, or likes to pick on people because of it,

Fuck off

. People come here to make pictures however they like, they shouldn’t feel restricted or pressured to do it to what you want. If they want a css model shooting a terrorist then that is absolutely fine and they shouldn’t feel discouraged. Being generic isn’t bad, you shouldn’t be trying to pressure everyone to make ‘super awesome’ stuff with every post. It’s fun, not work.

Asshole’ness If your just going to reply with ‘dis is bad fix it’ then you can shut the hell up. Yeah i’m talkin’ to you. Saying what is wrong is fine, you don’t need to be an astro physicist to know when something doesn’t look very good, but if you do know how to fix it then please elaborate, this is meant to be a community in which we grow together instead of leaving people behind. *Here I must do an honorable mention of Vman with his editing video(s), he is helping people selflessly to his level. *

^ This has been a problem for a while now if you ask me. People have seen some rudeness and ‘elitism’ whatever you want to call it, and just assume that is how they should act here. You don’t need to call people out on everything and be an absolute douche. If theres someone new trying stuff out don’t insult them, if they are enthusiastic, help them. If it’s a regular, just help him out too.

Re-post of my constructive replies comic;

Click the boxies!

Another little thing i just want to mention which is a little gripe of my own, nothing to do with anything, but that little ‘off-screen’ shit that i hope to god has passed was so fucking dumb. That is all.

I hope you don’t mind, but I feel as though this is necessary as the majority of the moderators have abandoned us.

Sad a tutorial needs to be done about this. But kuddos on that, it’s well made and written.

It’s by all means a great friendly community, but people just fall into bad habits and conditioned thinking. It really is a shame mate.

Yeah, I had some of that ‘genericness’ in my last thread. Kinda ticked me off a bit.

…I guess it was kinda generic though, heh.

I’m glad somebody has finally done this.

I agree with the part connecting to the muzzleflash.

If someone has taken the time and effort to try and make a muzzleflash or any effect really, you shouldn’t be a cunt about it.

and then let this thread be casted into the darkness not changing a god damned thing.

:10bux: says that’s exactly what happens.

Also I hate Ellis.

Just pm’d hezzy/gestapo about possibly stickying it, if anyone has a problem with that then please say so :slight_smile:

You don’t really have to be nice. If people can’t take criticism, it’s their problem. Be constructive, but don’t be a total cunt.

hey u prikfac i hav problem
all fp pics r bown and genrrik

I’m too manly for this thread.

Would be better that someone actually create a thread about having a new moderation team around, I’m kind of tired to be the only one getting banned because I’m always the one moving my ass about this.

Unrealistic hopes means you get nothing, there will probably never be moderation round here they don’t give a shit they have made it clear. At lease grea$e monkey is looking in every now and then.

We tried to get Vman a moderation post a few months ago but it came to nothing.

Doesn’t he not want to be a moderator.

You are wrong, you need to be nice and constructive. Oh wait…

Reply’s such as “Generic” are a big problem as well.


this should be stickied!

except moderators don’t give a damn

I’m not going to lie, though I agreed with Mr. Ellis, a felt somewhat disturbed reading that comic.

Nice idea for a thread.

Man, I will say if it’s generic when I want to. Why? because it’s shit we have seen already. Most of those poses are the same except with different models. Soldiers with guns is seriously unoriginal now.


I respect how you say ‘everyone shouldn’t feel pressured from making what they want’ but it doesn’t save them from being unoriginal.