Bandwidth/CPU Load

How much on average would a 15 slot server use? It’s a modified DarkRP (Stop, it’s not laik “AMG I DOWNLOADED JOBS FROM GMOD.ORG”, it’s actually more balanced. Just drop it and help me please :frowning: ).

15 slot DarkRP, probably won’t be constantly full. About how much bandwidth would I need? I was looking at 2 TB, but…

Also, any ideas about the CPU load? Should I get a Quad Core with 4 GB of RAM?

Give me the commands:

15 Servers will run fine on one core and shouldn’t suck more than ~200MB unless you’re using a shit load of addons.

I guess that’s why I’m here. Can I get a good “normal” setting for those con vars? I never messed with them when I used Xenon, so I didn’t mess with them.

And please don’t post the “THEN YOU SHOULDN’T BE RUNNING A SERVER” stuff, I ran a successful clan in a different game for 3 years.

I thought that srcds can only use 2 cores, but im not sure.

1* server will run fine on one core.

*If the cpu is powerful enough you may be able to fit up to three per core when it comes to Garry’s Mod on DarkRP with 15 slots. This is if the server(s) are completely full.


One main thread and one networking thread. The CPU usage for the networking thread is negligible.

So what am I looking at convar wise for a basic server? And then bandwidth wise of course.

And thanks guys. I’m going to run a different gameserver that isn’t nearly as CPU/network intense (Like, it won’t use near 10 GB/mo), and maybe another small GMod server, so I’m going to stick with 4 cores.

I meant 15 slots fuck whatatypo.

I’d set your commands:
sv_minupdaterate 33
sv_maxupdaterate 66
sv_mincmdrate 33
sv_maxcmdrate 66
sv_minrate 3500
sv_maxrate 30000

Alright, now how much bandwidth would I be looking at then?

Lets say the server had a constant 8 people on it, peak times 14 or 15.

Will do a 40-slot server

Researching them now…I love you.


K so I went to the order page…isn’t KVM remote desktop? They want 169 euro 1 time for it, plus 19.99 euro/month.

No it isnt remote desktop. And unless you’re going to use windows on it i don’t understand why you would need remote desktop as the gmod servers run in a terminal.


Yeah, herpderp, I can’t google. Thanks guys!

GMOD linux is still buggy as hell.

The only bugs are shitty developers with their addiction to capital letters and the server hanging on map changes.


don’t change the rates, you don’t need to

you are hurting your server more with those rates as well(besides everything but maxrate being default…)

The bug with capital letters isn’t related to ‘shitty developers’, Garry’s Mod itself cannot even load resources properly because of it. There’s also the issue with constraints.

I only had problems with models which where poorly hexed or modified/distributed which caused incorrect references to files that don’t exist because of things being named differently, any other issues are either from the srcds installation directory having capital letters, gnome/vnc/x or something along those lines.

I haven’t came across the constraints issue yet, I’ll have to look into it.

go onto your sandbox server and spawn a dupe of multiple props with a lot of welds/no-colides or use your smart constraint tool on multiple props
Then you’ll see the lag.

Depending on the amount of props spawned… you would see the lag on a windows server as well.

Yeah, but not to the point of how fast/soon it happens on Linux.

never encountered the constraint bug.