Bandwidth question

Hello guys. I’m thinking of renting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and the VPS have a max cap of bandwidth transfer each month.
I already have a server but its a rented one and it really needs more RAM.

The VPS have a maxcap of 4 TB (4000 GB) of transfer each month. I wonder how many max players I would be able to have on it. Lets say the server is full 24/7 for safety calculation. I think about hosting a 32-64 slot server. Would be awesome with 64 though… Anyways, the VPS got 4 GB of RAM with 6 GB of burst. It also have 100 MBit / sec download/upload speed but upload speed is what I focus on. If I would be able to host for 64 slot, would I have to set the bandwidth rate to anything lower?

Thanks in Advance.

Regards, Svenskunganka.

Well its Easy, On Gmod Wiki says: Each Player use 30kbps of Upload.
So make the Calculation: Your Server KBPS UPLOAD / 30kbps + 100kbps (Error Margin = Lags + A lot of Voice ON + Etc)

And not just Bandwidth and RAM you need A lot of Processor to Process 64 Players. i Think 2GB RAM + Xeon 3 GHZ and your Bandwidth you can run 32 Players on a big map like (gm_construct_flatgrass_v5) because you cannot put 32 players on gm_construct pretty good!

I think it not enough. 4GB of ram is not enough for 64 slot server. You have to include : spawning item , voice using , … so much more.
But anyway good luck.

64 players its so massive, And will be such a mess.

Most servers have on max 24 Players.

Max Player 24 Please , if 64 it gonna crash

So, how I calculated the monthly usage of this:

130 kbps (The usage per second of a player)
129600000 seconds is 30 days.

129600000 x 130 = 168,48 x 10^8 (16848000000 is kbps a player uses on 30 days playing 24/7)
16848000000 / 1000000 = 16848 (Now it is in gbit)
16848 = 2106 (Transformation from gbit to gByte)

2106 / 1000 = 2,106 TB

Result: 2,1 TB of monthly usage for each player who uses 130 kbps who plays 24/7 throughout a whole month.

Can this really be true?

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ToreMike, nexusbr, I think the same. But it would be awesome with 64 slot though ;D
I think I’m gonna have it 32 instead.

You misunderstood the 100kbps is just once not per player.

As i said 64 Players will be such a mess!

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For sure will crash

nexusbr - you have no idea what you’re talking about. Having a Xeon processor (I presume you mean an E3) has no use whatsoever for hosting GMod servers. Srcds only uses 1 thread for its main processing, and a second thread for network processing. This leaves you with 6 wasted logical cores.

4GB of RAM is more than enough for 64 players. 64 players in srcds will only use around 700MB-1GB.

tl;dr: Yes, it will be enough. However, depending on the VPS provider; you may not get enough CPU usage to run the server. Generally when you hit 30+ players, the core you’re using locks and everything becomes laggy.

Yeah you’re all forgetting about the CPU load here…

The provider says 4 Ghz Dedicated Usage of CPU. For how many players will that cover? And btw, I would rather have a quality server with less players than a laggy server with more players.

you only get a fair share of the CPU though lol

what provider


With VolumeDrive you won’t get 4ghz dedicated. They overpack their boxes like nothing else.

yeah I think I heard that volumedrive has horrible IO speed too

Yup, comes in tie with overpacking boxes. Which is why at Fanatical we don’t overpack boxes [/shameless advertising]

Thanks for the information. I tried to send them a mail where I asked how I would access the box but they haven’t answered and it was 3 days ago I sent it. Their boxes is really cheap though.

Man Without Hat, I’ve looked over your VPS’s and I like them but the only problem with them is that it has a really low amount of disk space. But I would rather like quality boxes than overpacked and not living up to what they’ve said. I’m probably gonna choose Fanatical. I’ve forgot how much disk space SRCDS takes up.

Some companies can’t afford to have their sales department open on weekends