Bandwidth usage of a SRCDS server?

So I have a bandwidth cap of 250gb, will it cut it and how many slots can I host. I plan on hosting a 24 Slot CS:S server on a 512mb Xen VPS because I have nothing else to do. Oh yeah, I also host a personal mail server because Im cool like that. Using Fedora and openssh

Assuming this is used 24 hours a day, constantly. Then you will be able to host no more then 4 slots at 20KB/ or eight slots at 10KB/s. 250GB a month is roughly 99KB/s constantly.

So yeah, it entirely depends on how popular the server is.

[del]thats unfortunate. I guess I may need to rethink how much bandwidth I need. How is 450gb because I doubt it will be full 24/7. Maybe 15/7.[/del]
Fuck it how about 800gb of bandwidth.

Around 318KB/s. Or 20 slots at 15KB/s a slot.

Again though depends on popularity. Obviously if your server is only full 10% of the time you could host more people.

Okay, that gives me some information. Now, does anybody know how to limit the rates of SRCDS? I haven’t played with hlds/srcds in a while.

You just need to set sv_minrate and sv_maxrate.

Oh yeah, thanks for your help darksoul.

No problem, and good luck.